CULTURE: 10 Annoying Facebook Friends

I feel like in the last week I’ve noticed a lot of annoying Facebook friends. We’ve all had that moment when we look at the computer screen, roll our eyes and think, please shush!


1. People who Check-In in their beds/on the sofa/at my house/in my cosy home.


2. Diet and exercise braggers – most people post the occasional status or tweet about weight loss or going to the gym or eating clean – that’s fine. What’s not fine is twenty consecutive tweets about getting up at 5am for a ten mile run, what you need to work on in the gym, how many miles you ran on the treadmill, how you’ve replaced food with green tea and how you just don’t know what to eat any more because you’ve cut out all carbs, fats and sugars. Unfollow.



3. The pointless status – self explanatory really but in a nutshell – no one cares.

1 2 3


4. Subtle self-complimenters – an everyday status which has an obviously hidden compliment.

Such as, “Really annoying when I’m in a rush but get stopped in the street because some girl wants to know where my entire outfit is from and her friend wanted my number.”



5. The political ranter – Twitter has 140 characters for a reason, so don’t spam my feed with ten continuous tweets about how you disagree with whatever legislation or politician. Also never tell a political ranter to shut up – it only spurs them on as they love a good debate.


6. Parents and their babies. I love babies, I really do. And it is cute when someone you know has a baby and posts a picture on Facebook. But nobody, except maybe the immediate family, wants to see hundreds of photos of that baby doing the same thing as in the previous photo, there’s just no need for it. Equally no one wants to see a status like this…



7. Private matters made public. It’s not okay, it’s just uncomfortable and very awkward.


8. Friend Requests from people in China who have three friends and a manga art profile pic – how did you find me?

9. Attention seekers…

2 3

10. People Who Type Like This And Put A Capital Letter At The Start Of Every Word – it’s actually so much effort to do this, you might as well just type normally and not be annoying.


Written by Lucy Devine

The Verse Staff

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