STUDENT VOICES: Brighton Bake Society is Back with a Bang…

If you have been observant over the past month, you might’ve noticed that the Brighton baking society have been off the radar for most of January- but do not fear baked-goods lovers! the Brighton Bake Soc, have spent this post-christmas period, gearing up with all the necessary kitchen utensils to ensure that in February, the foodies go- to society returns with a bang; And what better way to come back, than host a bake sale?

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 23.14.38
Brighton Bake Soc. are preparing for the bake sale on the 15th of February.

Society President Bethanie Lewis and her team have chosen to partake in a national bake sale alongside other universities, schools and companies on Monday 15th February to raise money for SKT Welfare, a charity that operates in Syria. SKT Welfare, founded in 2008 is a charity organisation based in the UK “dedicated to the delivery of humanitarian aid and solutions regardless of race, political affiliation, gender or belief”, with the unique position of having a 100% donation policy. The charity has successfully accomplished projects in the UK, Pakistan, India, Morocco, Somalia, and Palestine, however, following the onset of the crisis in Syria, SKT refocused its efforts to support those suffering in Syria and those in refugee camps and neighbouring countries.

I think most of us can safely say that our New Years Resolutions have already failed miserably, to be honest, I failed from the outset by neglecting to even make one. If you’re already ditching the gym for cake, you might as well do something positive with your clear lack of will power (I’m not judging). Get yourself down to the Aldrich Library on the Moulsecoomb campus on the 15th of February in order to support a worthy cause, and give reasoning to your #CouchPotato life. Apart from the baked goods that will be available, the Bake Soc are also using this event to launch their new recipe book, and are kindly donating some of the funds from their sales to SKT Welfare. Please head on down to support this cause, because if nothing else: cake.

If you want to find out more about the Brighton Bake Soc, you can follow them on:

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