SPONSORED REVIEW: Blueberry Sports Protein ‘Slender Shakes’.

  Somehow January has sped past, and although that may be a relief to some, I think I can speak for a fair number of people, when I say that “I’ll start the diet tomorrow” or “i’ll sign up the the gym next week” is a lie we’ve all told ourselves, and before we know it, February 1st is Darkening our doorways. Call it what you will: lack of ambition, laziness or a lack of portion control, however – on the most part, it’s the intimidation that the Fitness sector presents that is a major ‘turn off’ for many of those who want to shape up for summer. When asked, several students commented that it was the likelihood of being “judged” in the gym by regular gym users, whilst others were faced with the daunting task of not really having a clue what the best way to work out is, or what exercises machines they should use.

That’s where Blueberry Sports comes in. The Blueberry Sports protein ‘Slender Shakes’ ™ are so anti-hassle that it’s crazy to think something like this has not come around sooner… and they certainly help remove some of the struggles when trying to upkeep a fit and healthy lifestyle! the Protein shakes come in 50g pre-portioned servings in lightweight recyclable handy plastic bottles. However, these shakes which come in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavours, are not simply easy to use, but are so much healthier than your average ‘top quality’ protein powder. These shakes are gluten free and are low in calories with less than 200 calories per 50g serving … oh and vegetarians can get in on this too!


Prior to reviewing the ‘Slender Shakes’ ™, I did some digging to find the bestselling brands of protein powder, and compare their contents with the Blueberry Sports shake. I chose to compare the ‘chocolate’ flavours in each brand. First up: Sci-MX Ultra Whey™ Protein. In the 45g serving suggestion of this, there were only 33g of protein. Meanwhile in USN’s Whey Protein, there were 24g of protein per 34g serving. Suffice to say, Slender Shakes blows both brands out the water with a massive 40g of protein per 50g serving! So you definitely get more bang for your buck.

Alex Scholes, a University of Brighton second year student, and frequent gym user commented that “[they] are the most drinkable protein [shakes] [he] ha[d]ever had”, going on to praise the drink, claiming that they “taste amazing!” and are “exactly what you need after a workout!”

These shakes retail at an affordable  £2.49 per shake, and £25.99 for 12. ‘Slender Shakes’ ™ is making it that little bit harder to talk your way out of signing up to the gym.

As for the future of protein shakes? It seems that the only way is Blueberry Sports…

The Verse Staff

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