WELLBEING: 5 ways to become healthier at University (on a budget)

The Verse’s Ida Hansen gives us 5 ways to become healthier at Uni (on a budget)

Staying healthy in Uni is a struggle, both due to busy schedules of joggling Uni, work and social life, but also because – let’s face it – most of us are broke. Being healthy can be very expensive. Luckily, being healthy can also be very cheap, if you do it right. Here are 5 tips on how to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself without breaking the bank.

1. Cook your own meals

It sounds like a pain, but I am not suggesting whipping up gourmet meals on a daily basis or living off of lettuce to stay healthy. I assure you that a meal like spaghetti Bolognese – which takes 3 ingredients and less than 20 minutes to make – is a hell of a lot healthier (and cheaper!) than that frozen pizza in your freezer or that Uber-eats Maccies you were considering ordering for dinner. Your wallet will thank you.

2. Try meal-prepping

If cooking from scratch every night sounds like a straight-up nightmare to you, meal-prepping could be the solution. It requires you to get your hangover-ridden butt out of bed on Sunday to cook for a few hours, but on the bright side, you will be able to make yourself an amazing meal in just a few minutes for the rest of the week. Check out this YouTube video for an example of how to do it – it’s both super healthy and time-saving AF in busy everyday life.

3. Start your own home gym

Okay, hear me out. Most Uni houses and halls have a communal living space (or garden in the warmer months) with room enough to get a workout in. A few hand weights, resistance bands and a yoga mat bought from eBay will only run up to around 20 pounds – which is basically what a gym membership will cost you a month most places. Obviously, this will only work if you are only trying to tone up your body or simply just try to be healthier. If you are trying to bulk up, this is not for you, but if you, like me, just want to save money and are overrunning as a cheap way to work out, it is worth a shot.

4. Get your supplements straight

Supplements can make a massive change in your overall health, helping to keep your immune system on its toes and especially keep fatigue – something that troubles many Uni students – at bay. At the very least make sure to take a multi-vitamin every day, but I also suggest taking an Omega 3 supplement (let’s be real here, how much fish and nuts do you really eat on that Uni diet?) and vitamin C supplement if you struggle with tiredness. Furthermore – this is for the ladies – remember that iron supplement. You know why.

Pro tip: own brand supplements from supermarkets are a lot cheaper than most other brands and Aldi has a great range, where some supplements cost as little as 79p for 50 pills.

5. Get enough water

You knew it was coming. I knew it was coming. Your grandma’s dog knew it was coming. Water is the source of life, people, and drinking more of it is probably the cheapest health tip out there. Yes, you pay for your water, but I promise you won’t break the bank by having a few pints more a day – just make sure to drink tap water and not buy it in bottles, for several reasons (number 1 is obviously to save the turtles).

The Verse Staff

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