Book Review: Map My Heart by Dominic Evans

As winter creeps up on us and the nights draw in, those of us living in singledom are reminded of our bitter loneliness. So, as you log onto Facebook and see yet another engagement, where can we turn to our mend our broken hearts? Ice cream may feel like the answer, going out and shagging a stranger may also, but both will ultimately leave you feeling hollow and loveless. Do not fear for we at The Verse have the answer in this brand new book, Map My Heart!

Map My Heart is a book about relationships; it is an interactive journal and a relationship therapist all in one. This book is the best friend that we all need when single; a good dose of tough love, telling us what we don’t want to hear with enough encouragement that we don’t end up punching them in the throat. It will be your confidant and counsellor as you trial through the complex world of dating and love in the 21st century.


book 2


The book is not fragile, you’re encouraged to take your pen to the pages and fill in the blanks yourself. Writing lists of your ideal partner, drawing the time you caught your ex cheating, and giving yourself a makeover are just a few of the things you’ll be required to do.  Between the pages you need to fill in comes life advice, stories of romance and quotes from the likes of Michelle Obama.

Map My Heart is the creation of former UoB student Dominic Evans, who goes by the genius pen name of Dom&Ink. Dom is a ‘dude who likes to doodle,’ and his debut book Map My Heart was born from an idea he had during his MA in Sequential Design and Illustration at Brighton. Although now living in the north, Dom is still involved with Brighton live. He continues to work with Brighton Museum & Art Gallery on their ‘Lates’ posters, a night he can’t recommend enough, “there’s live DJs, exhibitions AND cocktails. Cocktails are brilliant.” I had the pleasure of meeting the truly hilarious and charming Dom to get the low down on his book.

As Dom puts it, “this is a book where you can draw a picture of your ex and then quite happily write ‘ARSEHOLE’ across their face.” Someone’s not bitter then? When I asked Dom where he got the inspiration for the book he told me he always enjoyed stories about relationships, “from awkward dates to bad break ups, to perfect matches”. However he was very coy when I suggested some of the book was from his own experience. “There are a few nods to my love life, but if I gave that away it takes all the fun out of it!” Something tells me this boy isn’t giving anything away!

The book isn’t just for the broken hearted. There are five sections to the book covering all types of relationship status; even the happily married could take something away from this, even if they just compare notes on hideous exes!

Speaking to Dom you can see why this book is such fun. He has you in stitches within minutes (that might be the accent) and is full of stories of love and romance, most you wouldn’t share with your grandma!

For his next project Dom is currently working on an illustrated poetry anthology with poet J.T Welsch called ‘Hell Creek’. He continues to work with his publisher Huck and Pucker on promoting the book and has many other projects in the pipeline, unfortunately he can’t give too much away or he would have to kill me. I’m all for getting the inside scoop but I’d like to live another day!

Map My Heart is a must read and available online from Amazon, Waterstones and Foyles online, and will be available in High Street stores soon!

For all the latest be sure to follow Dom on Twitter @Dom_and_Ink and check out the website


Written by Josh Howell

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