Review: Club Zygotic, Anacondas, Gorse, and King Goat

There is a lot of buzz surrounding Club Zygotic’s event tonight, here at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar. A Doom/Sludge metal night full of deep psychedelic undertones, a haze of incense and ear pounding riffs from beyond the ether, this night has been a long time coming for the Brighton metal scene, and the crowd knows it.

1606939_667018846681689_1506929677_nTaking the stage first are the seminal KING GOAT [9], a five-piece progressive doom band whose charisma and skill steal the night before it’s even started. Boasting a range of Eastern atmospheric melodies and soaring vocals that would shock even Mats Leven, King Goat are a band that no one here tonight is going to forget. Although, occasionally a little repetitive and generic, King Goat’s prominent stage presence and exceptional musicianship manage to capture the entire crowds attention from start to finish.Which is why GORSE [7] is such a disappointment to the fired up crowd. Despite being exceptionally tight musically, throwing down YOB-esque grooves mixed with1016245_639369266100957_1204391737_n the haunting qualities of QOTSA, Gorse just have no stage presence. By the end of their set the crowd have lost all the energy that was created in the first part of the night.

Now should be the time that the headliners ANACONDAS [8] inject

1510804_583778431697183_97110697_nsome much needed vigour into the final part of the evening, but sadly they fall short. From the word go, Anacondas burst on to the stage with swaggering grooves and mighty beats, but cockiness makes for mistakes. A large majority of Anacondas’ skull crushing performance is lost in the mix; when asked by the sound desk to kindly turn down their amps a little, the lads refuse, leaving the rest of the night with an audience deafened by a wall of muddy sound (even if it was a pretty bitching wall of muddy sound).





Written by Matthew Iredale

The Verse Staff

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