POEM: ‘Playing the player’s game’ by Konstantina Gkertsou

The Verse’s Konstantina Gkertsou showcases her poem ‘Playing the player’s game’ for us.

He has the smell of a rainy night,
An aroma mixed with every toxic habit,
Sweet and forbidden,
As if it was warning you of the danger.

While you get lost in the rhythm,
Move your hips against his
Make your fantasies run wild,
Make yourself think;

Is there actually anything more addictive?

A cigarette taste on the corner of his lips,
A dancing shadow of a mischievous smile,
You entertain and compel him with your innocence
While the alcohol clouds your mind.

Until regrets drape the mannerisms that you misjudged,
You let his hands leave on you the trace of a bitter-sweet touch,
Somehow hoping to self-destruct
Before decadence outlasts
The feelings that compose every song inside your heart.

Seeing his eyes judge,
Measure your parts, undressing you hungrily
Exposing you, killing you happily while
You count one little sin after the other.

You shouldn’t want him!

But his arms around your body
Feel like a self destructing shield.
No judgement for any pleasure that’s unholy.
You’re both traitors to the faith you believe in,
And you can proudly say you are not the one and only.

Unravelling willingly your darkest side,

Of desires hidden behind the image of a creature pure and kind
Wanting to hurt every soul that has ever tried
To take away the value of the hollow carrier of your soul and then define
Your body with names that diminish your pride.

Why do you feel so comfortable letting him come inside,
Letting him see what’s on your mind,

Just have a sneak peak in a world you passionately hide?

It’s sad to say you crave him only for a night,
Use him and please him and let him go after some time.
You embrace the vanity, you don’t put up a fight.
You throw your rules away,
They don’t seem to work at night.

And when the sun rises in the morning,
Put the mask back on, act as if you didn’t feel lonely.
With arrogance and a rebellious smirk walk away,
Don’t regret the choices you made,

Besides baby,

You just love the game!

Feature image and illustrations created by Natasha Jane Kennedy

Konstantina Gkertsou

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