FASHION: East Cycle Studios: Reinventing Cyclist Fashion

Looking across Brighton city and surrounding areas, you encounter tens and hundreds of cyclists everyday, a lot of whom are students – for some students, cycling is their main mode of transport as its a reliable way to get onto campus and work on time, and of course, it’s virtually free once you have a bike. More so, finding an outfit which is suitable and safe when cycling, whilst trying to look trendy is hard, which is why the majority of students tend to steer away from the typical bright, lycra cycle style clothing. Katherine Sherry, designer at East Cycle Studios, combines a fresh unisex apparel collection of unique and trendy cycle wear for everyday use, whilst being safe and appropriate for cycling.


Katherine, an enthusiastic cyclist herself, had “been taking to the roads for too long wearing nothing but black,” which can be said for a lot of other cyclists. The designer, however, “After reading so many devastating stories about collisions on London’s streets,” decided to make a change and began by embellishing and customising her own clothing with fabric reflective patches and hand-painted designs, in an attempt to ensure her safety on the road, whilst keeping in trend.

Through this, her unique designs and clothing soon began to be widely recognised on streets across London. Inspired by the unique variety of styles in East London, Katherine set out recreating these designs and offering custom-made clothing, to “help other London cyclists be seen and be safe.” Launched in October 2015, East Cycle Studios offer a new take on cycle wear, transforming the bright lycra norms into modern day trendy pieces.

The unisex apparel collection includes both new and vintage items, blends modish biker-type style with gritty undertones, using lightweight, flexible and organic pieces, combined with customised leather and vintage denim.


These clothing items and accessories have been produced to enable the individual to wear them on and off of the bike; perfect for students and workers who use bikes as their main mode of transport.

It will be really interesting to watch this new, diverse clothing company to expand and develop its collection range in the coming months. Check out the website to watch the brand expand, or check out their various social media sites: Like their Facebook page or follow their Twitter, Instagram or Vimeo!

By Lottie Woodrow

The Verse Staff

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