STUDENT VOICES: The Easter story of a stressed-out student.

It seems that 2014 is flying by. Christmas, it feels, was not that long ago and yet here I am after an Easter roast stuffed to the absolute brim with a large grin appearing from one ear to the other at the prospect of a potential food coma. This year Easter started like any other, I got up at a time in the morning which- quite frankly- should not exist, just to make it to the Easter dawn service (but this did end in a much deserved ‘well-done’ toasted hot- cross bun!) On my return the ‘Easter bunny’ had been once more, bringing the chocolate goodies that have become commercially synonymous with this time of year. A weekend which is for all classic chocolate- bingers, heaven! And thanks to this weekend I am now perfectly well stocked for the break- downs that will most likely happen in the next few weeks with the looming deadline for the dreaded dissertation.  

Yes, that’s right this year- unlike all my previous other years I am writing my dissertation during what should be a blessed weekend (that just so happens to come with the added benefit of chocolate!) I knew this Easter would not be same. My plan was to book an official ‘day off’ with myself- how kind! But what I didn’t expect- although with hindsight it should have been quite obvious- was that during the whole day I would feel an unavoidable guilt. It hindered any opportunity of pure chocolate enjoyment as I felt I was being brought back to reality with every thought I had of my workload. But then this, I suppose, is what life for a third year is- a constant see-saw of either doing your work or feeling guilty for not doing it. Although I kept to the plan and had my day off, this small victory was dashed as during the whole day I was walking around with an obvious weight hanging from my shoulders and muttering under my breath that I should be working. I think it is fair to say that I was feeling particularly stressed after having just one day off.

I am not disputing the point that we should get work done, it is clear that certain obstacles are placed in life and from time to time putting us under a certain amount of stress. But what I am talking about is the level of stress that life leads people into and I question whether sometimes it’s too much. This stress that we put ourselves through surely cannot be healthy and should it be expected? It can’t be good to find the ‘hunched- over- a- book’ classic library position quite comfortable, or that my neck clicking from said position a perfectly normal thing, or the fact that my eye twitches at the most awkward of times just typical. None of these to me sound at all healthy. Yet, we have all been in this level of despair at some point. And I am just going to throw this question out there- why?

Maybe this severe stress that I place on myself is something I have to learn to overcome and cope with and maybe life is to blame too. Life and the people in it have complicated what should perhaps be simple. Whatever the answer for this is, I think that a short term solution is going to have to be to calm down and have some chocolate. After all- it is Easter.

Written by Jennie Anne Worf

The Verse Staff

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