Interview and Preview: heyrocco @ the Green Door Store

This week heyrocco, a new American grunge band hailing influences from as wide as Nirvana to The Cure, aim to take to take the roof off the Green Door Store. Before the gig, we had a little chat with the band before the gig this Friday, the 2nd of October.


Hey, heyrocco! For those that haven’t heard of you before, would it be fair to introduce you as a laid back Nirvana, mixed with The Cure and Lit? 

I think that’s fair, Nirvana had the tones but The Cure are still playing shows today.


If a genre squashes your sound too much, how about a colour instead? I’d go with a purply-bluey.

From day one, deep purple.


Have you been to Brighton before? If so, how does it compare to sunny Charleston.

Once she was sunny, twice she was rainy. Both times we smoked weed on the beach – what’s not to love? It’s Taco’s favorite city.


How does touring over here or in Europe compare to the US?

I don’t understand a word anybody says and Cool offends everyone.


Your new album “Teenage Movie Soundtrack” came out in July, how has the reception been to the album?

The bartender bought one last night, he loves that shit.


Judging by the name of the album, and your tagline on your site of “your girlfriend’s favourite band”, would you say you take yourselves seriously – or are you deadly serious? You like to have fun, I’d say.

Don’t judge. Don’t hate. Don’t tell me what to do. Fuck you dad!


With your previous album,”Comforts”, you undertook a successful kickstarter campaign – very bold! How did that work out for you, and was it everything you expected it to be?

From the get go our fans made it clear we have something worthwhile and music should be made for the people.


Would it be fair to say you find more success here in the UK than the USA? You’ve done quite a lot of touring here!

Being in a different country makes us feel like a different band, like we have a good thing going. Having a fan in another country is the most inspiring thing on earth.


Have radio features such as Zane Lowe and Huw Stephens helped you branch out to a different audience before? Do you have much interaction with fans who give you this kind of feedback?

If you’re a real fan, you’ve seen us live and if you’ve seen us live then we’ve hung out. As for the radio, keep spinning mon’


You can buy tickets on the door at the time of writing, to see heyrocco at the Green Door Store this Friday (October 2nd)!

The Verse Staff

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