INTERVIEW: Andreas Moe

Andreas Moe is a singer/songwriter from Sweden who has been rising in the music scene since he was asked to sing in Avicii’s single Fade Into Darkness. Alongside collaborating with many other artists, Moe has released three EPs of his own and is planning to release his debut album later this year. Moe will be playing some of his songs at The Great Escape Festival in May, where he will be an act not to miss.

What got you inspired to play music and write your own songs as a career?

In the very beginning my dad, and then a youth centre called Rockville where I grew up, and then hearing the amazing songs by my heroes.

You’ve collaborated with a fair few artists such as Avicii, Lawson and Tiesto. Who’s been your favourite to work with? 

There’s this guy called Nathan Duvall. He’s in a band called The Disciples in the UK. He’s definitely one of my favourite artists/songwriters to work with. Just the way he works with melodies and productions – blows my mind every time.

If you could collaborate with any artist in music history who would it be?

Paul Simon or Jeff Buckley would be the greatest honour!

You recently released a new video for Step Down From It, is that going to be part of a new album? If so when do you plan on releasing it?

Yes, exactly! This is a very personal song, which means a lot to me. It’s definitely a key track for me. At the moment, I’m planning on releasing my debut album in late September.

How do you draw inspiration in order to write your songs?

There’s no real formula because I can’t really find a pattern in when or how I get inspired, but I have noticed that lately, I tend to write music in hotel rooms. Also, normally, I have to feel extremely happy or extremely sad… I can’t just sit down and force myself to write music, it has to come naturally.

What’s your favourite song to play live?

I have a song called How Do You Say It that I really love playing live. Perhaps because the melody is so playful and the words are so relatable. It’s one of those songs where you can really feel you’ve caught the audience´s attention. It’s about how difficult it is breaking up with someone who is in love with you and there is no way to do this, hence “How Do You Say It?”

Over the past few years you’ve travelled to a fair amount of places to play. What’s been the best country/venue so far?

I’ve enjoyed playing every city I’ve visited. They’re all so different so I can’t pick an absolute favourite. I must say that the welcome I received in Germany and especially in Hamburg was overwhelming. I so didn’t expect those reactions and it made me want to come back as quickly as possible! My favourite venue is where I supported John Mayer last year. I think it’s called the O2 in London – that was definitely a dream coming true…

Next month you are set to play at The Great Escape in Brighton, are you looking forward to that?

Yes! Very much! I love playing in England; it’s my home away from home, in it? I can’t wait to play some brand new songs that I’ve been working on lately; it feels like the perfect gig to do that.

In some previous interviews you’ve said that you’re in between London and Sweden due to management; which place do you prefer?

I’ve been back and forth a lot but not only due to management. London is a great place to be for music. I love writing music and playing live there. It would be a dream to be successful in the UK but Sweden is where I feel home. I prefer the chicken wrap at my favourite place in Shoreditch over the wraps in Sweden, but I prefer the spring in Sweden to the spring in London.

Where can you imagine yourself in five years time with your musical career?

Hopefully a few albums in, touring Europe and maybe even the US. That would be amazing. I just feel so honoured that people want to listen to the songs I write and actually go out of their way to see me live – that’s a real blessing!

Do you think you have evolved over the years as an artist?

Yes absolutely. I think you evolve everyday with new experiences. I feel that I’ve finally found who I am as an artist and that feels so good.

Before going on tour to different countries, what is the one thing that you absolutely have to take with you?

Good question. I wouldn’t leave the house to go on a tour without vocal zone from Boots. Ha!

What’s the weirdest experience you’ve had on tour?

I wish I could tell you a crazy rock star story here but I will have to disappoint you… I’m a singer/songwriter. Oh, we were lost once driving through the mountains in Prague, that was pretty weird, but apart from that, I’ll let the pop stars do weird and keep on with my ‘normal’ every day life…

If you could live on an island with three famous people, who would it be?

Jamie Oliver, Dr House and Mr T… yes Mr T!

To finish off, describe yourself in three words.

Loyal, Stubborn, Hungry

Interview by Sarah Vaz

The Verse Staff

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