Interview: Boris Daenen of Netsky Talks Music Movements, World Tours and the Power of Mums…

We caught up with Boris Daenen, also known as Drum & Bass maestro Netsky, while he was in the studio finishing up his highly anticipated third album. It’s been a big year for Netsky, the hit single Rio was an absolute belter of a summer tune, and proved it live as Netsky buzzed all over the European festival circuit. The Belgian is now headed to our shores and is kicking off his live tour for us in Brighton next week on the 8th December at Concorde 2, and by the sounds of it, it is not a show you want to miss.

Hi Boris, Thanks for talking to us here at The Verse. Can you tell me how you would describe your music, in one word, for anyone who hasn’t heard it before?

Umm oh, one word is hard, I’m sorry, I’d like to think that we kind of bring very energetic, electronic music with lots of influences from soul, funk, and rock music, maybe?

Ok wicked, cool yeah I can see that.

Yeah it’s hard to put it in one word…

Yeah ok fair, you could pick a colour though, what colour would you pick, if you could, to describe your music?

Oooooh hmmm haha I’ve always loved blue. Uhh dunno why.

Yeah I could see that with your music, definitely, blue would work.

Ok haha, good.

You have a full band, don’t you, when you play live?

That’s right, yep. Mostly electronic instruments, so we’ve got a drummer who plays an electronic drum kit and there’s one more keyboard player who plays keys and synths and I play synths too. So it’s all electronic gear and with a couple of guest vocalists and an MC. That’s Netsky life.

Awesome, great. My favourite song of yours is Give and Take, with the beautiful piano.

Ooh, cool!

It’s actually my favourite drum and bass song, so there you are.

Wow, amazing.

So what’s your plan after the tour, have you got a record coming out?

Yeah, so I basically have to finish my next album by the time we start touring so I’ve got two more weeks to finish my album.

Ooh, exciting…

Yeah! Then we start touring straight away, so yeah it’s exciting, we’ll be playing a couple of new songs in the set as well, for the first time, so excited about that and my next single Work It Out is coming out your way next week or the week after.

All sounds great, we’ll keep an ear out for that. Now, I’ve got to ask you, as I’m writing for a student magazine, have you ever been a student? If so, do you have any survival tips? For people who have just left home, living on their own for the first time…

Yeah, no sure, uhh I mean I studied for three years, here in Belgium but I just lived with my parents, I never like moved to like a student pad or anything like that which is something I wish I did actually looking back at it, umm but yeah I mean I don’t really have any survival tips or like how to cook pasta or anything…
My lovely mum would be cooking for me so…

Haha oh, I see, you were one of the lucky ones then.

I was very lucky, absolutely, yeah I can’t complain.

Nice one, I bet you had your washing done as well.

Uhh, I think yeah, I didn’t really have to do anything really but in my defense, I was very busy with music and touring around the world already so she helped me so much, as I didn’t have time to do stuff myself, so…

Aww that’s great, so you’ve got a supportive mum then.

Yep yep and still as helpful today, she still helps me out all the time.

Does she ever come to your gigs with you?

Yeah, yeah she comes to all the shows that we play in Belgium and whenever there’s like an award show my parents are both there.

Great! If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Ooh Prince is definitely in my top 5 which is like a big dream for like probably half of the music industry but still, it’d be amazing.

There’s a band that I’m going to see tonight actually called Fat Freddy’s Drop which is one of my favourite bands of all time and they’re playing in brussels, and i’m really hoping to work with them at some point.

And then, yeah maybe a band like Tame Impala, I love like indie rock and and I really love the combination of indie rock and drum and bass I think it goes really well together.

That would definitely be a good mix, cool! Have you ever played in Brighton before?

Yeah, I’ve been playing in Brighton for about 4 or 5 years, yeah I used to date a girl from Brighton actually, four years ago actually I think, so yeah I’ve spent some time in Brighton, Brighton’s very special to me.

Well yeah, it is a lovely place.


Lastly, why should people check out your live show?

Umm I think people should check out any kind of electronic live show or any kind of act that play electronically just if you like something different. I mean, it’s getting more and more popular for like DJs to use a live band, especially in the UK, it happens so much, but it’s really cool to see that movement.

It’s important that people see more of a show, instead of just like festivals where there an EDM person, a DJ pressing play, with lots of fireworks and lights but it’s really cool to like see how music is being made, live on stage, I think that will interest people.

Yeah awesome I’m really looking forward to it…

Awesome, see you then!

Interview by: Charlie O’Connor



Tuesday 08 December Brighton Concorde 2

Wednesday 09 December Bristol Trinity

Thursday 10 December London Electric Brixton

Friday 11 December Manchester Gorilla

Saturday 12 December The Institute Birmingham


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