Gavin Jones caught up with Ella Eyre before her sold out show in Manchester supporting Olly Murs…

Hi Ella, how are you?

“I’m very well thank you, a little bit tired as we had a late one last night but excited for tonight’s show.”

How’s your tour with Olly Murs going?

“It’s been amazing. To be honest I think Manchester has been the best city so far, and I kind of knew it was going to be as I’ve always had such incredible experiences in Manchester. Saying that Glasgow was amazing, Cardiff was amazing too and Manchester has just blown my mind for the past few nights.

Sad to see that you’re not in Brighton though…

“Yeah I was quite surprised, however I guess we are doing four shows in London so that might be why. I’ve always had a great time in Brighton though. Love The Great Escape, actually quite sad I’m not doing it this year.”

What have you been doing today to prepare for your gig?

“Well I got up quite late. My best friend lives in Manchester as she studies here so we went off to the gym. Came back, had a little chat with Olly, had something to eat and now I have to warm up for soundcheck.”

Still managed to find time for the gym even on a busy tour schedule…

“Even though you think it would tire you out it keeps you very active; keeps your mind focused and keeps you feeling good. It’s the first tour I’ve ever done where I’ve been so into the gym that now I don’t go a day without it; keeps the blood pumping and keeps you happy.”

And I’ve heard that you train together as a band?

“Yeah we train all together. Everyone has different limits and focuses on different things but it’s really nice to have everyone on tour so into it. It’s quite hard to motivate yourself on your own but when you’re surrounded by everyone who’s doing it you can’t really escape.”

You have just unleashed your video for Together, are you pleased with its reception?

“I am beyond pleased with its reception. If anything I was a little bit nervous, it’s a slightly different direction to my previous singles but the reaction has been amazing. Its going off really well on the tour too, couldn’t be happier.”

Your album has been in the workings for over three years. Have you found that you’ve not been able to include some of the songs you wanted to?

“Well I’ve written over 200 songs so there are quite a few that haven’t made the cut, however they’ve been used for different things. One of my songs is being used as the German entry for Eurovision, obviously the sigma track with Paloma [Faith] that I wrote. I’ve had people take stuff from Japan and Belgium too. I don’t always know where the songs end up but it’s great that they’re able to be used by people and appreciated in other parts of the world.”

Where d’you find the inspiration to write so many songs?

“All the stuff I write is from personal experience, so if I’m in a sh*t mood I can write it down in a book and it doesn’t have to be in a song to make sense. Then in 3 or 4 weeks time when I’m in the studio, I can look back through the book and go through everything I’ve spoken about and try and make a song out of it.”

So it’s all very personal then?

“When you’re that passionate about something, when you’re that emotionally affected by it, I find it helps to get it off your chest. It then becomes very surreal when performing that song to relive what you’ve been through when writing it.”

Are you ever just captivated in the moment of performing and don’t pay attention to what the song’s about?

“It depends what the song is. More often than not I will relive it though and it can be a sadder experience than you want it to be. I mean I’m 21, I’m learning. To say that I’ve had all the relationship problems in the world would be a lie. It’s nice however that other people can relate to the things I have written about and if they can use that to help them emotionally then great.”

To finish off the interview Ella, would you be able to leave us with an inspirational quote? Any epic phrases you can dish out?

“Ermmmmmm… The only quotes I have are negative ones and I don’t want to be re-quoted on them out of context, haha.”

Ella’s new single Together is now available for download.

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