INTERVIEW: Model Aeroplanes

“There’s so many people involved in this sort of release now, but as things begin to fall into place we’ve gradually become more excited and less nervous. We’re just really excited to see what people think of the music.”

It’s fair to say that Dundee four-piece Model Aeroplanes will be glad when their debut EP Something Like Heaven drops on March 4th. Their first release since signing for Island Records, the band have had to manage the inevitable expectations that signing to a major label bring, whilst embellishing their unashamedly “summery sound” with a deeper emotive quality. As Grant from the band explains, “It’s been pretty different to what we’ve done before, not drastically, but I think we’ve just really wanted to make sure that it all goes to plan”.

On first impressions it seems the guys can rest assured, with each track on the forthcoming EP managing to delightfully juxtapose the sunshine of the Balearics with Scottish guile, creating a joyous cocktail of guitar-pop that burrows into your head and refuses to budge.

Friends since the age of 12, when they met at high school, the band places their progress so far on their tightness as a group. “We all kind of spend all our time together, music didn’t come first originally when we all met. We were friends first and then we did music. It’s a key element, the fact that we’ve never really fallen out, it’s allowed us to work really well together creatively.” That much can be seen if you take a look on their Facebook page, which features ‘drummer eating challenges’ taking place within the studio (definitely worth a watch, though maybe not if you’re eating). As long as they can put the pizza down for long enough to get the music made, there looks to be much more to come from this band.

Not that they’re feeling the pressure to get an album out straight away though, maintaining that “we’re hoping that the slower you rise the longer you hang about”, and that releasing EPs and singles is their priority as they hope to spread their name throughout the year. With a name and a sound so guaranteed to stick in your head, it looks like it could be a very fruitful year indeed for them.

Despite this, there is one thing still bugging me. Scotland isn’t exactly renowned for its tropical weather and glorious sunshine, so where does the summery sound come from?

“I think maybe we’ve been striving for summer, just searching for it in a constant quest! Interestingly enough, apparently, though I’ve not seen much evidence to prove it, Dundee gets the most hours of sunlight out of anywhere annually in Scotland, which is surprising, but maybe we’re just the living embodiment of that statistic.”

There you have it then, if it’s sun you’re after, then Dundee’s the place to be. And your holiday soundtrack, well, it’s just got to be Model Aeroplanes.

Model Aeroplanes play The Green Door Store on March 8th. You can buy tickets here for £8 + booking fee.

By Lennon Craig

The Verse Staff

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