On a beautiful sunny evening in Brighton, blaring out from Concorde2 the roaring tones of a rock and roll sound check could be heard. I headed backstage where I met with Ellie and Joff from Wolf Alice, where we caught up on what’s been occurring in their world.

Joff: hello!

So, how’s the UK tour going, what’s been your favourite gig?

Joff: It’s going really well, it’s almost over to be fair, we’ve only got this (Brighton show) and Cambridge and then we’re done. And in terms of favourites… Shepherd’s Bush was pretty amazing, there was a confetti cannon.

Ellie: I really liked Sheffield, they were really rowdy.

You are about to release your new album ‘My Love Is Cool’ on the 22nd June. Are you excited about it? What kind of sound can we be expecting? Is it a lot different from Creatures?

E: Yeah we are. I think there’s a lot of different sides to it, but nothing completely alien to what we’ve released before. There will be a lot of different flavours on it.

I’ve heard that it might be quite grungy?

E: Yeah some of it, yeah maybe. I personally don’t think so, but there will be some elements of grunge in there.

And you’re off to the US aren’t you?

E: Yes

Is that a headline tour?

J: Yeah, I mean, a fairly small modest headline tour. [Chuckles] Yeah we’ve just came off one, we were there all of last month, and we’ll be flying out there in a few weeks’ time and do another month.

Doing any festivals?

E: Yeah, we’re doing quite a few UK and European ones. Latitude, Longitude, some others but not sure if I can say yet.

If your music was a colour, what colour would it be?

J: Grungy brown!

E: It’d be gold!

Have you guys been students before?

(Ellie points at Joff)

J: I studied yeah. I qualified to be a primary school teacher.

Any tips for students, survival tips?

J:Survival tips?


J: Work hard! Go to the library, don’t drink, and focus!

I don’t know if anyone will take notice of this haha

J: Haha I don’t know, I think I was really bad at being a student. I didn’t really want to be there.

Did you finish it or not?

J: Yeah just in time to go out on tour

So you can come back and teach in between

J: Haha yeah…

I like that, back up plans.

What do you think of Brighton seaside?

E: Yeah I love Brighton. I’ve been coming here for years. It’s lovely to be by the sea.

Do you think we’ll be your best crowd?

E: It might just well be… It’s been a long time since we played in Brighton as well.

When did you last play here?

Both: May last year.

J: At The Haunt. We always love coming to Brighton.

E: It’s like a holiday.

J: yeah we had like an hour spare earlier so we went and played on the 2p machines

Nice! What, on the pier?

J: No not on the pier, a little arcade we found. Then we had some fish and chips.

E: classic, you’ve got to do it.

When you’re on stage do you feel like you have a different persona, like an alter ego? Or is it just ‘everyday’ Wolf Alice?

E: Well you can’t really be your normal self, when you go on stage you have to put on a kind of front, but usually you’re having such a good time anyway that it comes naturally. It’s not really a front, but a different side of yourself. Behind the scenes we are pretty chilled out people.

Last question… is your love cool?

E: No… but I’m working on it.

Interview by Charlie O’Connor

You can read Charlie’s review of the gig here.

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