POLITICS: Leadership Election Question Time in Brighton

Austin Macfadden reports on the Leadership Elections Question Time at the Lectern Pub in Brighton.

Brighton SU Question Time

This year’s Student Union Election Candidate Question Time, allowed each candidate to give passionate two-minute speeches on their manifestos and detail their positions on various student concerns. Many candidates stressed the importance of empowering students, as well as, a need for better communication between the campuses. The event was held at The Lecturn Pub on Lewes Road, Tuesday March 5th.

An open Q&A was held following each candidate’s speech, the questions being taken from members of the audience. Only being allowed thirty seconds to answer, candidates were expected to be articulate and expedient with their responses. When candidates were asked how they would ensure success for the students; Fliss Newton, a candidate for Vice President of Wellbeing outlined her three-point plan to focus on the mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing for all students. While Holly Kavanagh, the current Vice President of Activities and Events, running for re-election, highlighted the importance of continuing the successes in the sports societies.

Once the speeches ended and the night came to a close, electricity could be felt in the air. It gave the students who observed the arguments a lot to think about for when voting opens on March 11th through the 15th. The night had been filled with engaging questions and passionate responses, which shows how much both students and candidates alike care about the student body. The audience had asked important questions of the candidates and their policies; But the Student Union Election candidates must have felt empowered as well, knowing that they will be representing such a passionate and involved student body.

By Austin Macfadden

The Verse Staff

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