Review: Mallory Knox @ The Haunt

I was concerned, looking around the crowd at The Haunt Wednesday night; it appeared that I was amongst a sea of 14-17 year olds all in band t-shirts, vans and backpacks. All this started to make me question, am I an above average age for a Mallory Knox gig? Being only 21, I wouldn’t have thought so; the band is named after a character in one of my favourite films (Natural Born Killers – If you haven’t seen it, check it out, it is a brilliant satirical film on media as an influence and stars Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis and Robert Downey Junior) so, I don’t feel the need to justify going to the show, plus it was ridiculously fun.

Support for this show included the 5-piece shouting, very British sounding, Crooks, who can certainly hold the stage. Amongst the harsh vocals and punchy guitar riffs, run melodic choruses, and all in all they are a band that can really perform. Second up were Blitz Kids, an alt rock band that had some seriously decent music; the guitars, bass and drums were rather old school and so easy to listen too. Unfortunately, the lyrics and general performance of the band weren’t up to scratch; it felt a little whiney and too Americanised for my liking; reminded me too much of All Time Low, I won’t go there.

Next up, the reason we were all there; Mallory Knox. Opening with one of the debut album (Signals) tracks Wake Up it wasn’t long before the crowd were jumping in unison with the guys on the stage. Mallory Knox were not only incredible to watch but helpful; asking the crowd to step back as to not crush those crazed girls at the front, pulling out the ones that couldn’t take the crushing and catching the likes of keys and a purse that had been found by the crowd amongst the mosh pits. The security were on particular form as well, throwing out bottles of water and making sure everyone was comfortable at the front of the show.

Amongst the tracks from their debut album, Mallory Knox also played a few oldies that perhaps only hardcore fans would know. It turned out that the crowd may have been able to sing the whole set word for word, they were one of the most supportive and lively audiences I have ever seen. Oceans may have been one of the most surprising and exciting songs for them to play for me, and not long after, the boys gave everyone a little treat with a sneaky play of a secret new track.

After the lights go down and the band leaves the stage, maybe an amateur would have left the Haunt at that point, but everyone in this audience knew there was one particular song that hadn’t been played. Of course the boys came back, asked the lighting techy to turn off all of the lights and asked the crowd to get their phone lights and lighters up in the air for the last song of the night; Lighthouse.

Having just been announced as support for A Day To Remember’s UK tour next February, Mallory Knox will be touring a lot in the next few months. Plus their Debut album Signals is available in shops and online now!


Written by Sophie Cohen

The Verse Staff

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