REVIEW: Miranda Hart: My, What I Call, Live Show. Such Fun!

Miranda Hart graced The Brighton Centre with her comical presence on ‘April Fools’ day and I went along to check it out (now what could possibly go wrong, hey!)

The middle of a semester is a period in our life where the phrase ‘down in the dumps’ just doesn’t cut it. The hint of summer is like a light glimmering at the end of a tunnel, a mirage teasing us with its warmth. But, with the persistence of grey days that keep coming back like a bad cough and the exams looming even closer, they block the mirage that sits there on the horizon. This dreaded thought of deadlines continually places us back down in our favourite seats at the university libraries (admit it, we all have one) – and nothing, I say, is more soul destroying. The perfect remedy to breaking this unending routine is to go out, including all you third years, go and treat yourself to a night of indulgence. Be it drinking- related, music- related or like me a much needed dosage of comedy, any of these nights can do these mid- semester dumps a world of good.

My comedy night was in the form of a birthday present that I simply couldn’t wait to go to ever since the two tickets were placed into my hand by my proud, puff- chested man. My love affair with the comedienne begun when I first saw her in ‘Miranda’- I was hooked, this developed when she starred in ‘Call the Midwife’ (yes, another one of my guilty pleasures!) So the chance to see her in the flesh well, you can imagine I was fan girl-ing. Big time.

To sum up the performance is a tricky thing to do, for I was lovin’ every part of it! But, I have sat down and picked out my top five best moments for your reading pleasure. None of which can truly reveal the hilarity of the show but I hope to give you a tiny taster of the night that was…

Favourite moment #1- my, what an entrance

I firmly believe anyone who enters the stage (after introducing oneself) and to the soundtrack, ‘I am the one and only’ is pretty epic. But to then have blinding lights on top of this and to dance onto the stage (and when I say dance, I mean, “dance”). It is clear they naturally know the key to a good entrance and how to start a comedy performance. Yes, indeed. The show kicked off to a pretty magnificent start, but how do you trump this I hear you ask? Simple. Give food to the audience- and lots of it. Within the first five minutes she was handing out food to create the ambience of a party theme- and in my opinion any show where Doritos get passed around and a G&T is given to a member of the audience is a show after my own heart. My only niggle is that the G&T was not given to me.

Favourite moment #2- her jokes

The classic Miranda jokes were at a constant stream and I loved every one of them. But then, I’m a massive fan. She included the audience a lot within her comical performance, even flirting with a married guy in the front row! But what truly stole the moment was when she moved onto the “man” next to him and continued to flirt, even showing off by including her famous ‘predatory lunge’ towards him. Until she found out his age, only 14, this was a clear mistake but Miranda being Miranda coped and used this for perfect comedy gold.

Her jokes had moral reasons behind them too and she covered topics like weight and advised us how to enjoy ourselves more (which was a strange serendipity moment for me) by taking her advice and galloping more- yes, you heard me right- and joining strangers in revolving doors. Both I vowed to do.

Favourite moment #3- the awkward date

The show took a surprising turn when she announced the fact that she would attempt to match- make two singletons from the sea of people. I resisted the urge to throw my arms in the air, just so I could go and talk to her. She picked two hands from the singles raised arms and the result? An interesting guy called Steve and a girl called Lois, the match- unfortunately- was doomed from the start. Steve (who I believe was slightly intoxicated by this point) only had eyes for Miranda and so did, I believe, Lois. Miranda dealt with intoxicated Steve well, and I think everyone felt very sorry for Lois as the two skipped off behind the curtains.

Favourite moment #4- the interval

After leaving behind the two very mis-matched people in a classic gallop leaving style the interval had begun. I turned to look around the vast array of people and who did I spot? None other than Ronnie Corbett! Looking very flash in teal, I must say. Another comic hero of mine- this evening was practically set.  So I and my other half did that awkward selfie- but- not- really- a- selfie rouse to sneakily get a picture of him…


Favourite moment #5- the end

The night ended truly epically, as any show must after such a good performance. We were lulled into a false sense of ‘that was it’ by watching a film showing certain comedy aspects of her show that she had acted out. Until, bam! Miranda entered the stage in a Beyoncé style outfit (a rather gorgeous sparkly gold top and shorts) – yes, ladies ‘n’ gents I have seen Miranda’s pins! Before we were covered in confetti and all I have to say is bravo!

But, the moral of the show was deeply embedded in me, I should be living life more. So if you see someone galloping across the campuses or joining you for an awkward twosome in the revolving doors.

Don’t worry- that’s just me.

Written by Jennie Anne Worf

The Verse Staff

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