Interview: Superfood

Verse writer Harry Barnes spoke to Birmingham band Superfood ahead of their gig at The Haunt on 12th November:

How are you guys?

Ryan: Yeah we’re pretty great.

Emily: We’re good man!

Are you glad the tour is coming to an end, or do you enjoy being out on the road?

Ryan: Ah no, I’m really sad about that! Yesterday in Dingwalls was probably our best one.

Emily: Or Manchester

Ryan: Or Birmingham!

You started on that, I would have thought you would have ended on it!

Ryan: Yeah me too man. It worked out good anyway!

Last time I saw you guys, you were supporting Tribes at the Roundhouse last year

Dom: Ah yeah, with Wolf Alice. Amazing.

I think your single came out only a month or two before in April, and then you’re playing to quite a big crowd with Tribes, must have changed a lot since then for you?

Dom: Yeah, it’s been really… (extended length of silence, mixed with laughter at the silence) it’s been really long.

Has it taken a while to do the album?

Dom: Yeah. The album definitely took longer than we thought it was going to take. I thought it was going to be like we do it and then mix it in 3 weeks or something, but it was broken up a lot. In-between touring and going down to Bath to mix it. But it was really cool, it was good we got to stretch it out a bit

Ryan: Yeah there was no rush or anything, had time to think about it all

Did you get all the recording done in one go then?

Dom: Yeah, all the recording was done in 2 weeks – it was a bit backwards really. That was what was annoying about it really, we didn’t get like a month to record it and then a week to mix it, it was like the other way around. That’s what happens, isn’t it.

What are you looking forward to coming up – you had the album come out last week, how has that done for you guys? Has it been good, has it done as you expected?

Dom: Yeah it’s been good. We just wanted to put it out there, we weren’t going for a big marketing thing.

You put it up for free to stream on SoundCloud didn’t you?

Dom: Yeah I like that, but it’s a weird thing. It’s just backwards to me. Why don’t we just put the album out?

Ryan: I always think it’s nice when people just buy the album, put it in for the first time and get to listen to it like that. Rather than just going online.

So you’re more old school when it comes to listening to music?

Ryan: SoundCloud kinda spoils it a bit, but it was good for us, as a week before we went on tour it was up there and we could tell people knew the songs and were singing along. Paul from Leeds, he said he really wanted to listen to it but was waiting for it on vinyl

Dom: What a legend! That’s the way to do it.

I wish I could say that! I listened to it as soon as I knew it was up there!

Dom: Well, that isn’t the worse thing

Have you got any plans for anything else, maybe a quick second album or an EP?

Dom: I think the plan is not to wait a long time before doing a second album. Get it together, and do a lot of it ourselves next time. We’d rather just get the bulk of it done, and then just get it mixed by someone else.

How do you think the Birmingham scene is doing at the moment – it seems to be doing well with Swim Deep, Peace and you guys!

Dom: Yeah, it’s going really well. I produced some of the early stuff for Swim Deep and Peace, but I was just ripping my hair out seeing all my mates go sweat out on stage, when you know you can play guitar as well. It’s not what I want behind the sound desk, maybe in the future but – I want to get drunk!

Seems fair enough! Is there any new music coming out that you’d recommend from the area?

Dom: Dumb, they’re really good, should check them out; and Demob Happy, who are playing with us tonight. You can’t play Brighton without Demob Happy. I’ve heard the new Swim Deep record is really synthy, looking forward to hearing that.

Emily: Wolf Alice just starting recording their album yesterday, which will be good to hear.

Ryan: Yeah and they played Glastonbury, I think on the John Peel stage which I thought you had to have an album to play!

Could be a first! What’s better for you, summery festivals or winter intimate gigs?

Ryan: I think I love festivals more

Dom: I love gigs, not a fan of city festivals. I think it’s a farce and shit that you pay for a ticket and have to queue up and might not see the band you want to see.

Have you got anything lined up next summer in terms of gigs or festivals yet?

Emily: We’re going on tour this winter with Temples, which starts 29th of November.

Dom: Should be good. Are you staying around for the gig?

Yeah, I’ve been looking forward to it for a while now! The Verse will be in attendance, used to be called The Pebble though, which I think suits us more.

Ryan: Pebble is my favourite word, so!

You heard it here first, maybe Ryan has started a revolution. Thanks for your time guys

Dom: No problem, enjoy the gig!

Harry’s review of the gig can be read here.

Photo credit: Leonie Moore

The Verse Staff

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