Music review: Superfood @ The Haunt 12/11/14

On Wednesday the 12th of November, Birmingham band Superfood closed their first big UK tour. Along with Honeyblood, they had completed eight gigs up until this point, and must have been shattered. Before the gig at The Haunt in Brighton, I met up with the band for an interview – they were far from tired, they were jubilant and bursting with energy. Because of this, deciphering the recording of the interview with the band was challenging, with an improvised song breaking out at the start. Their dressing room clearly could not withstand this amount of joyous Brummies.

Photo credit: Leonie Moore

They’ve come a long way since their debut single, both confusingly and brilliantly titled “Superfood”, which was released in April last year. It appeared out of thick air, as Birmingham has been quite the popular town for new bands: Swim Deep, Jaws and Peace to name a few. With very little other than a SoundCloud track and an NME blog post, they later went on to support Tribes at The Roundhouse, just a few months later. One EP later, and having their first album out last week, this astonishing acceleration of the band looked set to continue at The Haunt.

Opening with the Foals-if-they-adored-Blur-sounding track Bubbles, lead singer Dom hit every guitar and vocal note as if he hadn’t had many beers before the gig. The floaty indie guitar riffs continued throughout the night with more EP tracks such as TV and Houses on the Plain. The energy shown on stage was immense, and clearly an improvement from 12 months ago where guitarist Ryan was doing his best ‘I need the toilet’ dance on stage.

Photo credit: Leonie Moore


New tracks were introduced by Dom, but they needed no introduction – the album had been available to stream a few days before the tour started, a clever marketing move. What struck me was how the lead riffs from some of the new tracks were done by Dom and not Ryan, the true badge of a good musician. He had been waiting to do this though, having sat behind the mixing desk for early Peace and Swim Deep demos. Deservedly, he took the spotlight. The bass was catchy, and the drums were decidedly indie as opposed to the Britpop genre they owe a lot too. They hate that people associate it with them, so sorry for that guys. But, with tracks like You Can Believe in
particular sounding like it belongs in that category, it is hard to avoid it.

They did not quite bring the roof down as they literally did in the summer, but they sure as hell gave it a try. Upon their closer, the track Superfood (was that ever in doubt?), Dom surfed the crowd before stumbling around on stage with the rest of the band, waving good bye, and leaving. Excellent tunes and a great show: they deserve every opportunity that will inevitably lead to success that comes their way.

By Harry Barnes

All photo credits: Leonie Moore



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