Preview: 2ManyDJs @ Concorde 2, 19/2/2016

Brighton’s favourite pioneering Belgian dance brothers return for another night of mixed-up mayhem after five years of sold-out shows in the city.

I first came across 2ManyDJs (the DJ touring alias of Belgian rock duo Soulwax) during a half-hour stint on the now-defunct MTV2, gazing in awe as one remix cut effortlessly between Nirvana and Destiny’s Child. An odd combination, perhaps, but an effective one; as I watched Kurt Cobain unknowingly weave his angst-driven Smells Like Teen Spirit with Destiny’s Child’s Bootylicious, I knew something incredible had been born.

That was 2002. The duo – Belgian-born David and Stephen Dewaele – had just released 2manyDJs: As Heard on Radio Soulwax pt. 2, and were revolutionising dance music in a way that had never been attempted before. Splicing hundreds of rock, electro, dance and hiphop classics from the depths of their vaults, the album seemed set to change the face of dance mix compilations forever.

And that it did, fuelled by 2ManyDJs’ already checkered musical career. The sons of a noted Belgian radio DJ, the music maestros boast notable beginnings as an alt-rock band, Soulwax (2004 album, Any Minute Now, remains a firm favourite), before initiating their flirtation with electronica. Fast-forward ten years, and the duo’s empire has expanded to great lengths, with the pair taking their earlier influences in “guitar music” and injected them with dance-punk, big beat and acid house.

What results is a musical explosion, received to rapturous response in clubs, on radio and beyond, as they bring the notion of fun and chaos from the club to our homes. “As Heard on…” is still a staple for many house parties, a sound and style that has been mimicked and imitated a million times since, and yet never bettered. The thing about 2ManyDJs’ style is that it’s timeless, and promises the backdrop to what may just be the biggest party of February. Expect unpredictable mixes a la Nirvana/Destiny’s Child, and a whole mix of killer beats that just shouldn’t work, but somehow really, really do.


2ManyDJs: Concorde 2, 19th Feb 11pm-4am

Limited tickets available on the door.


By Nammie Matthews


The Verse Staff

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