PREVIEW: Gza / Genius (Wu-Tang Clan) @ Concorde 2, Brighton 05/09/2018.

The Verse’s Gemma Turner previews the Gza/Genius gig at Concorde 2 that will be taking place on 5th September 2018.

Born Gary Grice, Gza is one of the three founding members of the iconic Wu-Tang Clan. He is arguably one of (if not the) most influential rap groups in music history. Gza is one of the most respected lyricists of the 90’s and ranked #2 (just behind Aesop Rock) in a study that measured a rapper’s use of unique words used in their lyrics. (See link below).

Gza was one of the first of the from Wu-Tang to receive a solo contract. Successfully releasing Liquid Swords in 1995, which instantly became a classic. Also, it has been claimed to be one of the most important albums in rap history that is still top of every true rap- fan’s playlist. With tracks like Shadow Boxing, Liquid Swords Dual of the Iron Mic, Gza is crossing the pond. Brighton Concorde 2 are lucky enough to get to play host to the Genius.

He goes beyond the surface of any rap lord. His intricate flow that is armed with philosophy and theory displays the scholar’s true depths. Leaving most other Mc’s spinning on their heads. Gza’s career does just stop on the mic, he is an accomplished Ivy League lecturer and has delivered lecturers at Harvard. Check out his 2014 Ted xTalks in which he says “Hip hop is my vehicle to scientific and universal enlightenment” (Link below).

Gza will no doubt deliver some of Wu’s most important tracks such as Protect your neck, 7th Chamber pt2, C.R.E.A.M and many more.

With support from DJ Outbreak, Verbz and Mr Slipz, this event is going to be fire and should not be missed!

Tickets available now at:

Links :
Matt Daniels: The Largest Vocabulary:
The genius of science: GZA & Science Genius at TEDxTeen 2014:

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