PREVIEW: Johnny Marr @ The Brighton Dome, 09/11/2018

The Verse’s Tom Evans previews Johnny Marr’s gig at the Brighton Dome on 9th November 2018. 

I guess I better get this out of the way first – Johnny Marr is probably my favourite guitarist. Mostly due to the fact that he was the guitarist and co-songwriter in my favourite band of all time – the Smiths.

Now unfortunately in recent times, their legacy has been tarnished by a certain Stephen Patrick for certain views and rants, but let’s leave him to one side.

After the Smiths broke up in the mid 80’s, Johnny Marr spent the next couple of decades in various bands such as Electronic, The Modest Mouse and The Cribs (arguably their best period). Some of these bands he helped start, others it was in short stints.

However, in recent years he has really found his own voice recording and touring under his own name. He’s even branched out to singing, rather let someone else do it.

Firstly with 2013’s The Messenger and 2014’s Playland, he put himself front and centre and has toured extensively since then.

Johnny Marr is now back touring in support of his latest album- Call The Comet, released earlier this year. In my opinion the lead single Hi Hello is right up there with anything that he has ever produced. It’s got that kind of melody that you can get lost in. Other standout tracks from this album include Day In Day Out and Actor Attractor.

Probably should admit this, but the last time I saw Johnny Marr live he brought a tear to my eye when he played an old Smiths song, so let’s see if he can repeat that feat with old classics or more recent material played live.

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