Preview: The Regression Sessions, Coming to Brighton This Friday

As anyone else with a young child in their life will tell you; there is nothing quite akin to the unmitigated, yet guilty glee that is to be gained from bounding atop a taste-defyingly decorated bouncy castle. All vivid primary palette and worryingly dilated pupils, the cartoon drawings that oft adorn such air-filled structures once upon a time marked the boundaries of the adult sphere; alike to C.S Lewis’ wardrobe portal, through which only minors are ushered into the fantasy beyond.

Not so much so now; in the age of the onesie, of the unabashed Adventure Time backpack, of the Brony, I present to you…

The Regression Sessions.

No longer should your face redden with shame as you bound fearlessly onto the helium fortress! Depend upon the Regression Session team to provide you with all the nostalgic joy of ball pits, space hoppers and even face painting!

And if, like myself, you are not as completely at ease with your inner child as the typical cosplayer or adult baby, the Regression Session team have you covered; the soundtrack to all this playground joy does not, thankfully, include Oo Ee Oo Aa Aa Ting Tang Wolla Wolla Bing Bang. Instead they have opted for a more reassuringly over-18 vibe of old school garage, hip-hop, and electro-house. This disorientating aspect to the night will surely add to the knowing wink at your childhood Regression Sessions aims to provide. Forget the sleaze of Kemptown, forget the grimy tack of Patterns’ dance-floor. What could be a more subversive experience than seeing your mate grapple with the effects of Sambuca before attempting to liaise with a prospective partner atop a tangerine space hopper while you are reminded that “ladies love cool James”?!!

The circus rolls in to The Arch on Friday 9th October, just remember to get your tickets and leave your Pokémon cards at home; no-one likes a bore…

By Adam Morrison

The Verse Staff

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