REVIEW: Amber Run @ Concorde 2, 04/10/2017

The Verse’s Francesca Thornton reviews Amber Run at Concorde 2 on 4th October 2017. 

Amber Run have some of the most passionate fans that I’ve ever come across. You hear the term ‘fangirl’ thrown around often, but this group of fans certainly made for a gig to remember. The high energy didn’t stop at the fans, however; from the moment Amber Run took to the stage, it was evident that they had the ability to illuminate it with their big personalities and even bigger anthems.

A strong instrumental played as the band geared up to take to the stage, the fans visibly and audibly excited. Fans loudly welcomed Amber Run to the stage as they opened with Pilot; the distinctive drum beat radiated as the guitar riff gently cut over the top, and Joe’s distinctive voice delivered the hard-hitting lyrics. The crowd screamed back the words.

Joe smiled out at the crowd, saying ‘you sound beautiful… wanna sing some more?’ with the crowd cheering loudly in response. Jumping straight into Just My Soul Responding, the lyrics ‘beating of your heart is like a drum’ stood out in my mind. Each song was saturated in a drum beat that can be felt deep within your chest as it reverberates through the venue.

Even when Amber Run performed their slower songs, such as I Found, it didn’t detract from the amount of passion that dripped from each note. If anything, it was amplified. The band’s isolated harmonies become almost harrowing in the venue, bouncing off the crowd’s own chorus of singing.

In combination with this, the band delivered unforgiving instrumentals that were relentless, encouraging an electric reaction in the crowd. Joe asked: ‘if we give everything to you, will you give something back to us?’  At one moment the guitarist, Will, kneeled to the floor as he delivered a heart-wrenching performance, shedding every ounce of energy into each strum. Not even halfway through the gig, Joe broke a guitar string. Amber Run do not hesitate or hold back in their deliverance.

According to Joe, Brighton is his ‘new hometown’. The word ‘family’ pops into mind when thinking about the atmosphere in Concorde 2 that evening, as a strong sense of appreciation was reflected throughout the band and crowd.

A pinnacle moment in the gig was when Joe introduced Haze by giving a small yet meaningful speech about the importance of the song, describing how some of the band have been through some dark times. They dedicated the song to the audience and a strong sense of comfort resonated through each note. The gig felt truly inclusive and safe in that moment.

The band’s gratitude was evident – all members were beaming widely out at the crowd as the cheers continued on even after they had exited the stage. I felt exhausted by the end of the concert from the amount of energy buzzing around the venue.

Amber Run perform as if they’ve been touring for decades, eliciting a wise level of experience that has the crowd feeling safe and satisfied. They pour their heart and soul into each song, delivering a performance that is unforgiving but bold.

I left the venue that evening with the band having exceeded my expectations; my heart feeling a little lighter and with hopeful that Amber Run continue to grow in success.

The Verse Staff

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