Review: Bonobo @ Brighton Dome, 03/03/14

A concert that attracts a lot of drugged up hippies is not usually something that I would endorse, but after the incredible performance from Bonobo last Monday night, it is difficult not to praise it as being one of the most refreshing shows I have seen in the last year. Boasting a mixture of electronic beats, drums, bass and punchy guitar riffs combined with violins, trumpet, saxophone, flute, keys…it was practically all there. Any fan of Bonobo won’t be shy to the ideals of his experimental electronic orchestral sound, but the difference in experiencing it first hand and listening to a record alone in your room is monumental.

Opening with a track from the latest album (The North Borders – released March 2013) Cirrus went down a treat to get the crowd going. The set list was so balanced, a really nice mix of ‘new’ and ‘older’ tracks.  In fact, the whole set was immense, at one point everyone left the stage for drummer Jack Baker to perform an incredible solo. I can’t even put into words…I have never wanted to dance to just drums so much in my life. Then with one of his many talents of the night, the guy on saxophone joined him on stage. The incredible sounds that can be created with just a sax and drums are phenomenal.  Bonobo wasn’t just joined by talented musicians; he also had some pinpoint vocalists on call as well. Szjerdene (featured on The North Borders) and New Yorker Grey Reverand joined the stage for a few tracks.

At one point there were thirteen people on stage contributing to the bassy electronic feels that were filling the sold out venue. Another thing to note is how on form whoever was in charge of lighting and graphics were; they were brilliant. A hoard of burnt oranges and reds, greens, golds and purples were an incredible force in enhancing the immense atmosphere that was being created in The Dome.

The string section in Kiara…heart melting.


Written by Sophie Cohen

The Verse Staff

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