REVIEW: The Hiccup Project @ The Spire 24/05/17


Alex Berdugo reviews The Hiccup Project, “It’s okay, I’m dealing with it”, which is part of Brighton Festival 2017.

The Spire is a haunting spectacle to behold. Come show night, it towered above Kemptown and was beginning to fill with the excited audience of The Hiccup Project’s critically acclaimed piece, “It’s okay, I’m dealing with it”. The sold-out Brighton Festival show filled the church hall, and all attention was focused on the set before them.

This piece by Cristina and Chess uses dance, comedy and song to help understand what happens when things ‘aren’t ok’ in one’s life. In a society that tells people to ‘get over it’, this intimate show gives a disarming perspective on the personal lives of the performers. Both members of The Hiccup Project had their two front teeth knocked out at a young age, having detrimental effects on their later life. For instance, it created a fear of hitting the floor, meaning that it was difficult to develop their dynamic dance skills. The scenes brought out the human essence in everyday life that is often disregarded.

While demonstrating vulnerability, Cristina and Chess were simultaneously incredible humorous to watch. They bantered throughout the hour and a half set and the jokes within the routines gave easy laughs. The crowd was won over and completely on their side, the sense of collectiveness enhancing the show immensely.

Dance was major theme in The Hiccup Project, and the skills displayed did not disappoint. The moves were rhythmic and enjoyable to watch; it was obvious both performers were able to execute difficult routines with ease. The dancing expressed the emotions that were relevant in the show, representing happiness, anxiety and self-deceit. The music was well chosen, setting the mood instantly and encapsulating the audience’s imagination.

Props were also a large part of the set. Flags bearing ‘OK’ on them were waved and templar costumes were graciously thrown on to depict imaginary battles with mental illness. A white board was used to display ‘things to put in your mouth to make you feel good’, and a helmet padded with sponges was worn at various stages. The props were hilarious and gave the performance an extra spark of ridiculousness.

Overall, The Hiccup Project’s “It’s okay, I’m dealing with it” is a superb event in the Brighton Festival. For fans of thought-provoking themes and of casual performers that leave you feeling thoroughly entertained. Don’t miss out!

The Verse Staff

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