REVIEW: HMLTD @ Patterns, 20/10/2017

The Verse’s Imara Williams reviews HMLTD’s gig at Patterns on 20th October 2017. 

The notorious venue Patterns, right on the coast of Brighton, was bursting at the seams as newly established Hotel Lux and HMLTD, a band which has had a quick rise to a significant amount of recognition, took the stage on Friday evening. HMLTD is a band known for transforming the rock industry into a new wave of unexpected key changes and daring outfits.

Looking around the snug gig venue of Patterns, many of the HMLTD had taken on the bands unique style of primary coloured makeup, latex rubber trousers, and platform shoes. With a hint of beer in the air and smoke from the stage travelling across the room, eager fans dashed to the front of the venue whilst the blue and white stage lights whirled around on their axis and lit up the venue.

The dramatic build-up of a guitar along with the keys commenced and all members of the band were on stage but one. The lead singer, Henry, popped out from behind the drummer and the crowd went wild, as the bass and drums joined in.

HMLTD commenced their set with Is This What You Wanted, followed by Apple of My Eye, in which the lead singer shouted to the crowd “guys you are going to have to be more mobile.” The crowd was very responsive, showing no mercy and commencing the mosh pit, which lasted right to the final song of the eleven-piece set. It was remarkable seeing the crowd bounce up and down in perfect harmony along with their beloved band.

The lead singers’ interaction with the audience was perfectly sustained throughout the gig as he hushed the crowd and shouted, “ARE YOU READY?” as the beat of To The Door kicked in, which propelled the crowd into a frenzy of excitement.

HMLTD’s appearance at Patterns was definitely one to remember, especially as several security guards were needed to keep the barriers at bay, whilst the mosh pit continued at full speed.



After the gig, I managed to have a quick chat with Achilleas, the drummer of HMLTD.

What brought the band together?

There is not a true story. We all had very similar energies, interests, aesthetics, and outlooks on life. So, we decided to give it a try.

Do you have any fond memories of your first gigs?

In Southampton, there were about fifteen to twenty people. A man came up to the stage with a glass of water and insisted that we wrote a song about his glass of water – which was one of my favourite gigs. I think it was about nine months ago.

What were some of the festivals that you played at over the previous summer that you specifically enjoyed?

Field Day in Victoria Park, London. As well as some in France, Europe was very nice. Germany, France, and the Netherlands turned out to be the best ones.  

Are there any festivals that you hope to play at during the next festival season?

Hopefully the States, mostly the festivals in the South West of America. Maybe something crazy in Argentina or Japan. Actually, Japan mostly. Fuji Rock is crazy!

Do you have any plans for an album or more singles in the near future?

We’re not too sure about an album, whatever fits the purpose or what the purpose becomes. Of course, we will keep going with singles for the moment.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Music-wise or other creative outlets.

All of us have so many different interests, so each person really comes across really differently. We mostly try to utilise everything and take inspiration from everywhere.

Do you have any advice for musicians and artists who want to get their music out to a wider audience?

Work hard! Many hours a day, for years. There is no secret.

The Verse Staff

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