REVIEW: New Street Adventure @ The Haunt, 13/03/15

Photo by Katie Macintyre

The night New Street Adventure got me pregnant with their saucy rhythms.

Ok, so I wasn’t a groupie or anything (I promise!) but last Friday I went to see New Street Adventure and their music is some serious baby-making material alright. I entered The Haunt with no idea what to expect, and left feeling like I could in fact be pregnant…

Their sound is a mixture of rough and smooth which then lifts in dramatic undulations by a flowing build of silky dynamics. It’s like a liquid, oozing into your eardrum and then deep into your soul. With undeniably catchy choruses, huge energy and epic finishes, this band is the first in a while to get me genuinely excited. The kind of band that sends you home with a stupid loved-up smile on your face.

It’s not all lovey-dovey though. Lyrically, they are completely on point, raising issues of our society’s problems with possible references to the London Riots in their single On Our Front Doorstep, my favourite song of the night. Nick Corbin’s powerful vocals lead the band in a truly authentic way, there’s not an ounce of fakery there, and it’s all real passion from the heart. The high backing vocals by the band really complemented his voice too, and soon the whole crowd were chanting along with them.

Their faultless precision and big-band-style tightness meant that they seemed to come together as one mind, polished beyond perfection. This couldn’t have been achieved without the superb timing and groove of drummer Jeremy Paul and Ashley Hayden on bass who both had great stage presence and tremendous skill. Charlie Myerson on keys and Billy Farr on Lead guitar kept the melodies evolving in beautiful harmony.

Some more hits of the night for me were Smooth Talker a stompy romp of a tune, and Rascal with its tight, snappy stabs and chops. The crowd, who seemed to be made up of 80s revival mods, began to fill the venue as the set progressed and it wasn’t long before everyone was moving, jiving, shaking, and screaming “I want your baby!”

Their music is rocky, soulful and current all at the same time. It gives you the feeling that things aren’t right in the world, but there is a possibility that they could become so. I think we will be hearing a lot more from these guys. I will be keeping track of their movements like a hawk (and also in case I need to chase them up for child support!).

Their debut album ‘No Hard Feelings’ is out now on Acid Jazz records. You can buy on it on iTunes here and on amazon here.

By Charlie O’Connor

The Verse Staff

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