Review: PEACE, Live @ the Worthing Pavilion

After an extensive tour through some of the UK’s ‘less trodden’ towns, PEACE played their final show at the Worthing Pavilion. Following a long hot day the sense of excitement and anticipation from the audience was palpable. Even before the band came onstage the blend of sun-stroked booze sodden older members of the crowd and the first time gig-goers, high on all manner of e-number laden substances, made for an excitable crowd; there was even a woman of a certain vintage sat at the back with her walking stick.

For Starters, the band launched in to a particular highlight of the debut record, ‘Follow Baby’, before unleashing new single ‘Money’; producing a wild, untamable beast that ravished everything in it’s path, highlighting the viciousness of front-man, Harry’s, vocals. Throughout the show the band tapped in to the audiences excitement and produced a near perfect set-list. As the new album is expecting release in September of this year, it was only right to play some of the new material. The song ‘Lost On Me’ clearly showing the direction for album two, full of pop hooks and great funky bass lines; by the time the chorus came about the audience were singing along as if they knew this one already.

Knowing when to take things down a notch, the lower key sing-alongs of ‘California Daze’ And ‘Float Forever’ offered welcomed moments of rest for the crowd, whilst the likes of ‘Wraith’ and ‘Waste of Paint’ cranked things right back up again; notably giving Dominic Boyce the chance to play a powerhouse drum breakdown and allowing ‘World Pleasure’ to become a set classic with a fantastic bass solo. This show was a marker; it was a band playing as tightly as they had ever done, completely exuding confidence throughout.

The particular highlight of the night was an absolutely raucous rendition of ‘Bloodshake’, the very fact that this track is still so beloved by the fans despite it’s absence from their debut album demonstrates the strength of this bands impact. A completely unforgettable guitar riff that takes no prisoners was the perfect way to end a fantastic show. With festival season and the release of album two imminent, this show was a demonstration of just how far this band can go.


Written by Ben McBride

The Verse Staff

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