REVIEW: Pickpockets @ The Hope and Ruin, Brighton, 14/05/2019

The Verse’s Autumn Micketti reviews the Pickpockets gig that happened at the Hope and Ruin on 14th May 2019. 

Professional gigs in packed stadiums are fun and can be an unforgettable experience. But what about the tiny shows in pubs where all bands start? Alexander Berdugo Original Music Management (ABOMM) has brought together the ultimate pub music experience with Disruptor live music nights. Specifically aimed for student artists and audiences, Disruptor nights allows new bands to show off their skills to their friends, classmates, and soon-to-be fans, all within a relaxed pub setting.

On Tuesday the 14th, The Hope & Ruin was host to four amazing groups that brought the house down. The night kicked off with Loud Talk. A four-piece group from Brighton that seemed did not shy away from melting faces with their sound. Destructible Environment, a Brighton Music Society duo and an ABOMM favourite, followed after. It was clear that these lads have quite the following and felt relaxed on stage despite the fact that they had a few sound mishaps. Their friends and fans sang along and supported them through the entire set and were gifted with a new tune the couple had written just the night before.

The mood shifted when Danny and the Husbands took the stage. Drawing inspiration from groups such as IDLES, Heavy Lungs and Blur, Danny and The Husbands took the night from a chill gig to an all-out mosh pit. Halfway through their set, the audience began throwing themselves at each other and jumping around as the lead singer wailed into his mic. Beer spilt everywhere, and although there were some complaints most of the audience just laughed and carried on. No use in crying over a spilt beer when the music’s so good. The ecstatic mood carried on when Hyla Brook took the stage. This Brighton based foursome are heavily influenced by artists like Arctic Monkeys, Jack White, Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes; their upbeat sound and friendly banter were fun to watch and listen to.

At last the night’s headliner, Pickpockets, took to the stage and gave the audience one last time to shake out their troubles in the mosh pit. Also a Brighton based group, Pickpockets have been making music since 2018. They have been influenced by groups such as The Beatles, The Clash, Jake Bugg and The Libertines. The four of them had amazing chemistry and their drummer was absolutely on point. This group will definitely be heading places in the future.

Make sure to follow ABOMM Promotions on Facebook to find out when and where the next gig will be happening. Although it’s time for exams it’s good to blow off some steam with your mates and some good local music.

The Verse Staff

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