REVIEW: The Big Christmas Singalong @ The Brighton Dome, 04/12/2019

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CREDIT: Clare Cornwell

The Choir with No Name bring the festive spirit to Brighton at The Big Christmas Singalong

The Choir with No Name are a charity that helps with battling homelessness and marginalised citizen of cities all over the country. With Brighton being the newest member, the annual Big Christmas Singalong welcomed the choir at The Brighton Dome. Both the London and Brighton choirs dazzled at this year’s concert.

From the second you enter the theatre there was an abundance of Christmas feeling as the people took their seats. The stage started to fill with choir members dressed in all kids of Christmas festivities. Everywhere you looked there was Christmas. From elves to a Mr and Mrs Claus! Even some audience members jumping on the bandwagon with some light up Christmas jumpers.

There wasn’t an empty seat in sight. People from all walks of life filled the seats, from families to young people, by the time the show started. As the show started you were greeted by the founder of the organisation Marie and Sam, head of the Brighton choir. They gave us some exercises to warm up our voices as they introduced the ins and outs of the charity. They both spoke so passionately about the organisation. You got the sense that this was all coming from the good of someone who just wanted to make a difference.

The show itself was full of laughter and Christmas spirit. The joy in the performers faces was spread all across the Dome in the form of Christmas songs. All the classics were there from Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas to White Christmas and even a rendition of Queen’s festive track Thank God It’s Christmas. I have never seen such a huge sense of community and togetherness like this concert before and it was somewhat magical. Not to mention a small feature performance from Jazz artist Joe Stilgoe and his grand white piano. He created this medley of songs that included the likes of Star Wars, ABBA and Jackson 5 as audience members shouted out suggestions that crated a song that was both funny and festive. I would highly recommend checking him out if you haven’t already.

Both the London and Brighton choirs showed such courage and spirit with both town having solo performers. I can’t imagine how scary that might have been. Yet they did it with confidence and with no shortage of encouragement from the crowd as cheers and claps erupted the Dome every time.

The Big Christmas Singalong was all together a festive evening full of song and cheers. I would recommend for anyone seeking some Christmas spirit or even community spirit. With it supporting such a great and relevant cause it’s a must see. If you didn’t manage to grab a ticket this time around, here is the link to their website. This is where you can find more information about The Choir With No Name and its charity.

Clare Cornwell

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