REVIEW: Tony Law @ The Old Market, 19/03/2017

The Verse’s Csenge Krokovay reviews Canadian comedian Tony Law and his show extravaganza which arrived at The Old Market, Brighton on the 19th April.

Last night I had the chance to go and see the award-winning comedian Tony Law at Old Market’s stage. The Canadian comedian brought a bizarre, but uplifting energy with himself. Once he started the night, he never stopped, jumping from joke to joke, story to story he had a powerful ‘show must go on’ attitude.

At first glance I could tell, he has a big fan club out there and it was shown as soon as he entered the stage, his supporters burst out in laughter. Although, who wouldn’t laugh, when some tubby middle aged man jumps on stage with elegant ballet moves in ‘Maverick’ style aviator-dress and duct-tape around his belly. “I got fat, and I’m confident enough to not wear the tape under my uniform” he said.

Tony Law is a big clown, he can easily twist a simple situation, like eating ice-cream in a car, and turn it into a funny story. He is 110% in the story; stretching, endless grimacing, big smiles, acting, using the whole stage, he even surprises the audience with imitating the sound of a WW2 Aircraft. Just because. Looks like for this guy the presence of an audience is not even necessary, he enjoys his jokes just as much as others.

Often he chooses himself as the target of his witticisms, for instance when he talks about rehab, where he spent around 12 months. This sarcasm turns his comedy into a humorous confession. He is not ashamed of the past, he heals with the help of humour.

After a ten-minute story of how he ate his ice-Cream with a comb, we are in half time and walking towards the bar to grab a pint, half thinking how much we would love an ice-cream after all, when we suddenly spot an ice-cream cart waiting for us on the way out. Is that a joke or a business propaganda?! Did Tony decide to join the Ice-cream business instead of selling his DVD’s?!

Who knows, anyway, at least we laughed again, although we resigned from the ice-cream after remembering the joke Tony made about the empty feeling one gets after finishing a bucket of ice-cream, something like realising ‘we all die alone’.

Tony’s tour is on the go until the 19th of May, for more information check out his website and have fun!

The Verse Staff

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