Student Elections, Candidate for Falmer Campus Rep Dan Ellis!

His Manifesto

Bringing People Together. Making Changes For The Better.

Hello! I’m Dan, I study Criminology and Sociology and there are two main (but there are lots!) reasons that I’m very excited to be standing for Falmer Campus Rep! One is the idea that a group of individuals can work together to create a collective voice and spark changes. I believe that a university should reflect its students and staff in order to create the best environment for everyone involved. I think Brighton SU plays a powerful and important role in maintaining and improving the student experience, and representing the student body. At times, we can forget that it is us that can make things happen, make things change. This is something I want to be part of – and shout about! How about you?

Second, is the idea of upholding a sense of community so that students feel connected, safe, and supported. I believe this is essential for a quality university experience and is something I am very passionate about. For this to work there needs to be seamless communication between students, staff, and reps, and the campus facilities and environment should meet the needs of all involved – this would be a focus of mine in the role of campus rep at Falmer.

Above all I look forward to meeting new people, sharing ideas and opinions, forming friendships and groups, and ultimately being part of an active, responsive community. Below are some aims that I will work towards if elected, and a taster of why you should vote for me! Get involved with my campaign to find out more and share your views about Falmer!

1. I will work with the SU and students to help establish a student cooperative to work on projects at Falmer (Fscoop)
2. Work to develop a strong network of school and course reps across campus to ensure all students are being heard and represented
3. Use these networks to develop campus spaces and facilities in order to create a sense of community and improve the university experience at Falmer campus.

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