Student Elections, Candidate for VP Activities and Events Christina Popova!


‘…this is not how it should be..’, ‘I’ve got ideas but I don’t know who to talk to’, ‘We need more funding’, ‘University doesn’t pay attention to societies or sports clubs’… Sounds famiar? Have we heard or said this? I know I have!

I’m Christina, a third year architectural student. I have played for the University Badminton team since the start of my degree, two of those years I have acted as a captain of the women’s team and one year as a club president. I’ve gained a lot of experience being in that role while organising the events and tournaments we have entered as a team. This is the reason I feel I’m the strongest candidate for the position of VP Activities and Events.

One of the most important aspects of us all going to university is the social life, would you disagree?

Imagine it as a big table full of opportunities and you just want to grab from each one of them. What is stopping you? My aim is to help people get involved in every part of the social and volunteering life while enjoying it. These will be my aims for next year:

* Help societies raise money and stimulate students to create new ones. People seem to be unaware of the societies in university and the benefits they’ve got

* Support the students taking part in sports with their timetables, finding more funding for their teams, as well as sponsorship, more trainings for teams and answering to the needs of each team individually, getting more people involved in sports, no matter where they are based

* Give the volunteering scheme a push while familiarising everyone with it so that RaG can continue throughout the whole year. It shouldn’t be a one-week event

* More social events on every campus and a better communication within them

Facing all those issues myself helps me understand the needs of the students and I’ll aim to work with you for an improvement, for a better place to be a student at.

University of Brighton is going through a really important period at the moment. This is the time for big changes to take place, and I want to help them happen.

The Verse Staff

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