STUDENT VOICES: Student Elections, Candidate for VP Activities and Events Jordanne Mckenzie St Rose.

Check out her Manifesto:

My name is Jordanne Mckenzie St Rose, I’m currently in my third year studying Humanities at Pavilion Parade whilst also managing the position of Social Secretary for the Women’s Football team, I’m a small girl with big ideas. But enough about me, this is about you and how I can make your university experience as enjoyable as possible.

Joining a team was socially the best decision I’ve made since coming to Brighton, so I want to take this opportunity to give back and enhance the university experience for all students. With the vast range of teams and societies the university offers there is something for everyone. Still can’t find something you like? START A SOCIETY!! As long as you have the passion, people and potential I am willing to give you as much of my time and energy as possible. Furthermore I want you to know that just because you may not signed up to a society or sports team at fresher’s fair or in your first year doesn’t mean it is too late to get involved, and that’s where I come in.

I understand sports teams and societies aren’t for everyone, however there are other ways to get involved. With the success of RAG and the Mount Kilimanjaro climb last year I want to encourage as much charity and student led volunteering events as possible. If elected, I intend to encourage more student engagement and build a closer relationship between the SU and students across all campuses. I will to be open to any suggestions and ideas you have, as ultimately I am a representative of you, the student body. Therefore I will have an anonymous suggestion box to help me, help you.

Alternatively to what the title may suggest, you don’t have to be a fresher to enjoy fresher’s week. Fresher’s week can and has been enjoyed by numerous students from a variety of years and I’m ambitious to make this fresher’s week bigger and better. Fresher’s week is only a fortnight, but why does the fun have to stop there? I plan on organising a range of events throughout the year so the fun never ends.

Be about that life.
Vote Jordanne for VP Activities and Events.

The Verse Staff

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