STUDENT VOICE: So, you’re new here?

The Verse’s Student Voice Editor Liberty Gatcombe talks settling into Uni and coping with those post-fresher blues.
We can relate

Fresher’s Fortnight has come to an end. As the foam parties dry out and things start to slow down, Uni life might just be starting to sink in.

Settling into University can be a whirlwind in the early stages. Whether you’re in halls or student housing the first week or two is all about getting to know new people, making your new room feel like home and getting your bearings around the city and campus. 

Whether you’re already in the swing of Uni life or struggling to make that adjustment from living at home, it’s totally normal for anxiety, homesickness and loneliness to creep up and take it’s hold from time to time or even all the time.

The best thing to do is to find a way of feeling a little less alone. So, over the next few weeks we will be speaking to different second and third year students taking a looking back on their days as a fresh faced and fresher. We’ll be discussing what they found they hardest and how they got through. 

Oh, and we’re going to talk about the good times too! Sharing some personal tips and tricks to getting the best out of Uni, Brighton and your new-found independence.

If you are struggling to settle in or you’re feeling lonely remember there is always someone there to talk to.

Your course has a Student Support and Guidance Tutor (SSGT) who is there for you whatever your concern. Use them, their support is invaluable especially during the first few weeks at University:

Big White Wall is an online service where you can talk about mental health issues in a totally anonymous space:

And if you feel you can call friends and family. Call them as much as you need there’s no shame in leaning on the ones we love when we’re feeling low.

What have you found the hardest whilst settling in to Uni? Anything you weren’t expecting or are you loving every minute? We want to heard how Uni is for you.

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