CULTURE: The Sun’s page 3 still exists? You’ve got to be joking…

nmorepage36Honestly, it’s getting a bit old now isn’t it? Breasts, whilst being awesome in many ways, are really not news. If they are news then they are really old news. Let’s face it, they’ve been around far longer than The Sun newspaper. However, the paper doesn’t seem keen at all to loosen its grip on them.

The No More Page 3 campaign picks up pace in true Brightonian spirit with a comedy knees up.  On the 27th November at The Blue Man, the audience will be treated to a festive feast of comedy, satirical song, music and spoken word. I urge you to head down to see a whole host of talented performers, to delight and amuse you and poke fun at The Sun’s page 3. It’s free to get in, and a voluntary donation on the way out.


No More Page 3 is a national campaign and petition to politely ask The Sun to take the bare boobs out of the family newspaper. They have many reasons why but just to clarify: they have nothing against breasts, nothing against the women who choose to show them, they simply feel that a family newspaper is the wrong context for these images.  They are also fighting for equal representation, so that women would be represented with respect in the newspaper, rather like how the men are.

As a female student going out regularly to nightclubs it can be very frustrating to experience derogatory attitudes from young men. Often you’ll have things said to you like ‘get ya tits out for the lads’ or you hear them commenting on whether they’d sleep with you or not like ‘I’d do that!’. A simple club night can turn into a predator and prey scenario and respect goes out the window. It’s a jungle out there! It also has a negative impact on the way women perceive men, they’re not all like that.

Cartoon by Jo Harrison
Cartoon by Jo Harrison














This kind of attitude comes from growing up with a media keen to objectify women for its own benefit. Having a bare-breasted woman in a newspaper full of contrasting photographs of fully dressed men achieving things gives a negative view on women’s place in society. That they are just there for decoration and to sexually satisfy men. This is particularly damaging for children.  The Sun aims the paper at the whole family including free gifts sometimes, such as stickers.

A positive shift in attitudes to women is gradually changing. The ancient views portrayed in  The Sun are getting left behind. This campaign is at the forefront of change. The Brighton and Hove regional group of men and women have been gathering publicity through their events and aim to get as many people to sign the petition and join the momentum.  No More Page 3 put any profits back into charity and sponsorship.  They are also aiming to set up their own charity and fund for women and girls to support, sponsor, educate and inspire, the working title of which is ‘Now’s the Time’.

I strongly recommend you go along to the event, have a laugh at the silliness of the page, whilst helping to end it in a positive way. There will also be t-shirts for sale, a raffle of fabulous prizes such as champagne and jewellery. Now’s the time to revel and be revolutionary!

Find more ways to get involved and sign the petition against Page 3 via the No More Page 3 website.

For more information on the Variety Night To Support No More Page 3 visit the Blueman events page.

By Charlie O’Connor.

The Verse Staff

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