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PHOTOGRAPHY REVIEW: ‘Yesterday When I Was Young’ by Nathan Klein @ Nick Ford Photography Studio

The Verse’s Heather Turnbull tells us about Nathan Klein’s photography exhibition

Klein has an incredible eye for photography, not only capturing powerful images but also encapsulating an emotion. He is able to make you feel uncomfortable and desperate for more all at once. ‘Yesterday, when I was young’, showing in Brighton this week, was no exception. The collection moved provocatively from landscape and images of water to exposed lives. Stories of age, relationship, pain and loneliness.

A naked man smokes a cigarette on a veranda, trees stretch out into the horizon. Everything bared and the feeling of life, both paused and also running away fills me. The trees draw the viewer into the rich forest. You find yourself on the veranda looking out.

Across the studio strangely mirroring this piece, is one of endless ocean where sea runs in to sky. Nathan, 25 years old, seems to have a lifetime of wisdom and a strong voice for his age. Every piece tells a story individually but as a collection it tells one of its own, one about the realities of life and all that comes with it. He is a true storyteller from behind and in front of the camera.

If you missed the exhibit at Nick Ford Photography Studio this week you can take a look at his work at

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