#KeepFabrica – Save Brighton’s Art Gallery

The Verse’s Izzi Goddard calls for help in raising donations to save Brighton’s Fabrica from closure.

Help to keep this culturally diverse and uniquely Brighton-esque gallery open!

Fabrica is a modern art gallery and community charity located in the heart of Brighton. It prides itself in supporting artists and their ideas in a unique way to create and make art available to everyone; entry is FREE. They have a social impact inside and beyond the gallery with many programmes for the local community. For example, activities include Chump (a lunchtime club for needed families); Going to See Culture Together, a group for elderly people to visit areas of Brighton they might not have experienced before; film activities, and many more. This demonstrates how rich and diverse Fabrica is as a centre – it’s not just for artists but for everyone!

Local grant cuts by Brighton and Hove City Council has resulted in many art-based businesses to suffer over the past year. One of them is Fabrica, who lost £20,000 due to a change in the commissioning model. Therefore, Fabrica you to help raise enough money to avoid closure. Hopefully, this will prevent these programmes being closed down, as well as avoiding the risk of losing many activities that people access for free.

I spoke to Anne Rupert, the business manager of the organisation. She said more than 300 people have supported the #KeepFabrica campaign so far, and they are truly thankful for all the support. I’m appealing to you, as a student of University of Brighton and also as a believer in expression and culture, to join the campaign and help keep Fabrica’s doors open to the public!

As part of the gallery, they also have a volunteering programme in which many university students participate. The grant cuts could also affect the number of volunteers able to help. Unlike many other galleries, Fabrica has the ability to keep all exhibitions free for the public. This is why they need financial support to stay open.

How can you help?

Do spread the word and let people know about this amazing organisation and what they do.

Visit the gallery and donate as much change as you can to the donation boxes. The next exhibition is by the talented David Shrigley as part of the Brighton’s Festival.

Or you can also donate to the campaign and help online at #keepfabrica. you can share the link with as many other students as you can. Let’s help Fabrica’s amazing work continue and improve Brighton’s artistic history! There is only four days of fundraising left so get involved now!

The Verse Staff

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