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POEM: Trumpty Dumpty

The Verse’s Matt Simmons shares his Trumpty Dumpty poem in light of recent events…


Trumpty Dumpty shocked us all,

When Hilary Clinton took a great fall.

Republican congress, his army of men,

Plan to make America ‘great’ again.


Trumpty Dumpty wanted a wall,

His fascist bigotry is taking a toll.

Tax cuts for the rich, the poor in the styx;

building up America’s social rift.


Trumpty Dumpty don’t build your wall,

Please stop. These ideas –

They’re hurting us all.


His pals in the elite,

Could help him land on his feet.

Perhaps he’ll stop pouting,

From his ignorant seat.


Trumpty Dumpty is scaring the world,

talking and boasting of groping young girls.

Millions of supporters, I never could imagine,

This monster is POTUS, how did this happen?

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