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PREVIEW: The Disaster Artist: A Night Inside the Room @ Duke of York’s, 19/10/2016, 9pm

Tonight, Duke of York’s cinema hosts a multimedia event with author and actor Greg Sestero. Greg’s memoir The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made was published in 2013. The award-winning book covers the tale of Sestero’s experience as an aspiring actor in Hollywood and his friendship with The Room’s director Tommy Wiseau. His book is due to be the subject of a new film (The Masterpiece, 2017) directed by well-known polymath James Franco.

Despite a substantial budget, The Room was a commercial flop but an ironic cult hit. Tonight, the special event will include a chance to hear Greg Sestero’s experiences first hand. The Duke’s will screen a behind-the-scenes Making Of The Room documentary. In addition, there will be a reading from the memoir, a live Q&A, and a chance to participate in a live reading of scenes from The Room’s original script.

This is a really interesting event to see the Duke of York’s host. By having an opportunity to interact with the author as well as view exclusive footage, they are challenging the traditional experience and offering fans a really one-off, memorable opportunity. I really appreciate the consideration and substantial organisation that goes into linking audiences to a real-time experience. I’m really looking forward to seeing the film adaptation of the book and this is a great warm-up to it. I think it will provide some intriguing insights into the glitz of the American film-making world, and its eccentricities too.

The Disaster Artist with live Q&A from Greg Sestero shows at the Duke of York’s Picturehouse on Wednesday 19th October at 9pm. For more details, visit Duke of York’s here.


By Lou Clement

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