THEATRE REVIEW: Robin Hood @ The Old Market 09/02/18 – 17/02/18

The Verse’s Gemma Turner reviews New Mutiny Theatre Company’s newest production Robin Hood, at The Old Market on Saturday 12th February

After rave reviews on their adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, New Mutiny Theatre Company have burst onto the scene with their newest production Robin Hood, playing at The Old Market Theatre from February 9th – 17th.

robin hood

Robin Hood has always been a favourite of mine. A familiar tale in politics: ‘For the many, not for the few’, this particular bunch of outlaws make no exception, stealing from the rich to feed the poor. NMTC sing and dance their way through some spectacular scenes, and even managing to reinvent this family tale. We visiting some alternative personas of all our favourites. Including, feisty Maid Marion – who manages to beat Robin in a fight – and Priestly Friar – quite the warrior!. NMTC manage to put their own delicious twist on this tale. Not only highlighting the contrasting shades of the story, with Robin Hood showing remorse for a deathly choice he made, but also the Sheriff’s fear of losing his most treasured possession (so to speak). Smouldering Robin Hood (played by Callum McIntyre) continuously reminds the audience that friendship and family is the real treasure.

robin hood

Maid Marion, as always, was a strong female lead showing you do not have to be a damsel or a princess to have a winning role. The portrayal of the Sheriff not only sets an element of Foucauldian ‘Discipline and Punishment’, but allowed sympathy with his motives. Overall, there is a valuable message: ‘you have a choice to do the right thing’. With silly fight scenes and a versatile cast, this show is not to be missed. It will no doubt become another success for NMTC, following in the footsteps of Romeo and Juliet.

The beauty of this version of Robin Hood was in the music. NMTC brings “stunning original music” to the production, and says “think Mumford & Sons meets Arctic Monkeys”. The harmonies were mesmerising and the solos almost transcended the theatre and took you to a gig. All of the cast were captivating and the folky element that captured the merry men’s forest residency was genius.


Teaming the production with The Old Market was a no-brainer. The venue is a firm favourite in Brighton and worked perfectly with the production and the audience. It was a sold out production, and each seat was filled with people of all ages. Although it is suggested 7yrs+ there were a few younger people attending, who were just as captivated. The Old Market were accommodating and even had sweets on sale in the interval. There is never a bad word to say about TOM. At the end of the show, the atmosphere was heartwarming, and the cast spent time meeting and greeting their newly adoring fans.

Young reviewer Frejya (aged 11 years) also had a few words to say: “It’s a heartwarming story that can be loved and understood by all ages. I really liked that the little girl Marion didn’t want to live a privileged life for the wrong reasons and was happy to be an outsider. I loved the songs! It was like being at a rock concert at one point! Little John was my favourite!”

robin hood

Photo credits go to New Mutiny Theatre Company.

The Verse Staff

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