REVIEW: Bent Double @ Komedia, 05/03/2017

The Verse’s Robert Bone tells us what he thought of Bent Double at the Komedia, Sunday 5th March 2017

I really had apprehension about this comedy night in the heart of Brighton. It’s advertised as ‘gay-friendly’, and in times of Trump and Brexit, now is not the time to play it safe. I am however really happy to announce that Bent Double is an amazing, in-your-face gay extravaganza that left me gagging for more.

The crowd is definitely demanding, but the regular host Zoe Lyons (Mock the Week / Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow) is equally amazing. Revealing straight away that she spent her weekend doing ‘the most lesbian thing ever: hiking!’. She is prepared to bare all: how she’s stayed with her wife for so long from their love of Velcro and gadgets. And the atmosphere is kept bubbling as she gasps for any connection with the audience she can take. ‘Any birthdays! Any celebrations! Anything?’ No-one in the front row is safe!

Also, I was spoilt for choice when I realised I had four comics delighting me! (Komedia always likes to keep some hidden before the night.) Robert White, ready with chunky keyboard and knitted jumper, stopped at nothing to push us out of comfort zones and somewhere we never thought we knew. His Asperger’s does nothing to revel in his attempts to get a date (or much more, I imagine!) with Ash from the audience. One day you’ll get your Captain Birdseye Robert! (and his ‘great beard for soaking up cum’).

Hands down the winner of the night has to go to Mawaan Rizwan. He is my MUST watch comedian this year. He’s random. He’s asking the audience to hold baby wipes and then to hold… his confetti. In his awkward stumbles through his routine we get a real, honest and hilarious commentary into what it’s like to live in 2017. Big problems and small alike (‘a Nando’s is NOT CHEEKY!’). I need him back in my life!

Sometimes the content was off the bat with the Brighton audience, such as the slow stories of Cally Beaton (Chortle’s 2017 Comedians To watch) vibrator. Which were good, but just took too long to get to the punchline. Also slightly off, was Lucy Porter’s almost transphobic way she was able to make catcalling builders feel uncomfortable. Overall though, it felt so good to hear about gay lives. Liberal lives. Lives which feel the pressures of life, just like me. I was on the edge of my seat; I will be back again.

Komedia downstairs is huge, and my seats in the back still gave a great view even though I arrived just before it began. While the tickets may only be £12, you’ll without doubt be sucked into the atmosphere and get three of their Light Bites for £13 (but these are really well timed throughout the evening so nothing is interrupted).

The comedians at Bent Double are always changing, and no two Sunday nights are ever the same. What are you waiting for? It’s the evening before Monday, and you know everyone’s free! Everyone needs a reminder everything is going to be ok. So come on down and get your gay on, you know we all need it!

Bent Double returns Sunday 2nd April at 7:30, and is £12 for a standard ticket.

The Verse Staff

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