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REVIEW: Rob Beckett @ Brighton Dome, 09/04/2017

The Verse’s Kate Horrobin tells us what she thought of Rob Beckett: ‘Mouth of the South’, at the Brighton Dome on Sunday 9th April

The ‘Mouth of the South’ Rob Beckett sold out the Brighton Dome on the final night of his latest tour. Giving an exceptional performance, leaving his audience wholly entertained, and wondering what fruit a prune actually comes from. He also took on the big questions: all that’s wrong with a vegetarian Christmas dinner, how to eat a KitKat, and who’s in charge of the recycling.

On the day Beckett performed in Brighton, the city had also just hosted its annual marathon. Unimpressed by the disruptions, Rob had a few criticisms. ‘The marathons annoying ain’t it?’ he declared as he opened his set. ‘There’s a lot of the UK that’s empty mate, run there.’ As the marathon causes up to 3 days of congestion and road traffic around the town, there was no denying his logic.

Newly wed Rob Beckett also had some comments about becoming a dad. Looking after a baby is hard, but it also makes you question yourself as an adult, Rob has found. As he changes baby diapers he questions the integrity of his bowel functions as an adult and concludes that the occasional accident is both perfectly acceptable and normal. He poses this question to the audience: ‘Who here has shit themselves? If you’ve not shit yourself as an adult you’re either lying or not taking enough risks.’

The highlight of Beckett’s set was his commentary on a Christmas dinner he experienced at his in-laws. A vegetarian Christmas dinner. Apricots in the stuffing? ‘I don’t know what I’m doing here bruv,’ they say as they look up at Rob. ‘I could have sworn I was a summer fruit and now I’m knocking around with chestnuts.’ Another curve ball of the dinner and an absolute atrocity for the comic. No roast potatoes. Gasps are audible from the audience. And instead, ‘mash.’ More shock and horrified chortles can be heard around the Dome as the audience sympathise with Beckett’s Christmas dinner dismay. ‘I nearly shat on her AGA,’ – on his mother in laws’ efforts.

The tough job of stand-up was also made to look effortless with Rob Beckett’s masterful performance. He entertained and delighted the audience. He lit up the stage with his magnetic personality. We can’t wait to see what’s coming next from the relentless and perpetually smiling ‘Mouth of the South’.

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