Review: Simon Munnery @ The Old Market, 5/12/16

Last Friday, the Old Market was home to the well-known comedian Simon Munnery, who brought his new stand-up show ‘And Nothing But’ to town.

The theatre room filled with people and finally the show started at 8pm. Firstly, Simon invited Jordan Brooks to the stage, a young comedian from Cardiff, who successfully warmed up the audience of The Old Market with his sarcastic jokes in the first 30 minutes. We also had the chance to travel in time with him as he brought his own time machine; however despite Jordan’s hard-work we could only travel 30 seconds into the future because the machine was broken. It happens to the best of us.

We were glad to not travel anywhere in time, so we could enjoy Simon Munnery’s show afterwards, and he entertained the audience for one more hour. Time flies anyway when you’re having fun.

What takes a good comedian is not only telling funny jokes, but also good acting. Simon, as a mature stand-up comedian has both skills, and with him we could enjoy a very honest, active show with satirical, absurd humour and hilarious performing. The audience of course was very involved in the show, giving the gig a spontaneous vibe and an unforgettable experience.

Munnery is a great story teller, telling us about his experiences with the impossible Canadian smoking rules, his dog poo collection, or his dog’s poo collection (it clearly matters) and he also introduced his new invention: a pants dryer machine, which you can wear on your back if you haven’t got enough space at home… you just have to sing the Can-Can song. It was hilarious. I strongly recommend this show to everyone who wants to have a wonderful night, full of laughter and joy. Enjoying Simon’s weird and wonderful humour brings you to another dimension, where everything is possible and screwed up in a way, but still makes absolute sense. He also used his freshly broken finger as a target for jokes, waving as someone who has a dead fish instead of a hand throughout the whole show.

We had to say goodbye to Simon in Brighton, but anyone hoping to see ‘And Nothing But’ will still have the chance for a good laugh until mid-March. To purchase a ticket to one of his gigs click here.

Also, there are some interesting upcoming events on the Old Market’s Calendar, such as comedian Tony Law’s show on the 10th of February, and much more. Click here to take a look.

By Csenge Krokovay

The Verse Staff

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