ALBUM REVIEW: Idina Menzel, Idina

The Verse’s Georgia Nicolaou tells us what she thinks of Idina Menzel’s self-titled new album, Idina.

Idina Menzel. When you hear that name, you automatically think Let It Go from Frozen, right? But that’s about to change because she has just come out with her fifth studio album which she’s called Idina, after herself.

This powerfully passionate album consists of 12 songs produced by incredible people like Greg Wells, Eric Ross and Chris Reynolds. Now, you’re probably thinking that it’s all ballads and high notes, but you’d be wrong. While there are a couple of ballads – I mean, who wouldn’t want to sing ballads if they had a Tony Award winning voice like hers? – the songs are range from hits like Small World, which take you to your own personal dream land to Like Lightning and Everybody Knows; two catchy, upbeat songs that won’t leave your head any time soon.

Yet the track that speaks to me the most is arguably her most personal song on the album, Perfect Story. The song seems to be a sort of open letter to her son; apologising for how she hasn’t given him a ‘perfect story’. If that doesn’t give you all the feels; I don’t know what will – definitely a tear-jerker. 

Overall, I think that Idina has brought out an album for every type of music lover here. Since it ranges from light-rock, to country and pop; there is a song for everyone. Finally, whether you’re chilling at the beach, getting ready for a night out, or just feel like crying over your never ending assignments and silly similarities on TurnItIn, put on Idina and let it all go.

The Verse Staff

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