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ALBUM REVIEW: Mallory Knox, Wired (2017)

The Verse’s Rebekah Williams tells us what she thinks of Mallory Knox and their new album, ‘Wired’, released 10th March 2017

Mallory Knox’s new album, ‘Wired‘ really brings out the softer side to the Alternative rock genre. With its upbeat, but no harsh instrumentals, it reminds me of a 2005 30 Seconds to Mars. While vocal and lyrically, (particularly the song ‘Better Off Without You’) singer Mickey Chapman seems to channel his inner My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy.

But, with the album blasting out my speakers in the background, I sat and typed up one of many essays. I could hear the songs upbeat rhythm creating their own form of motivation for me. They retain some uniqueness that really set up a portraiture of the band.
If you’ve heard of any of their earlier music, then you will definitely enjoy this new album. I feel there is also more depth to this new album. And what it is doing is definitely showing that the band have, musically, grown a lot over the years.

If you haven’t checked them out before, I recommend it. As to be expected with the Alternative genre, the music is not too heavy. Although it might be biased to say as avid rock genre listener, I do think this is something you can relax on a journey or work to. I also find it is always good to be open minded when it comes to music. Since you never know you may find something you like, classed within a genre you hate. Mallory Knox are an example of that.

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