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PREVIEW: Galactic Empire @ Patterns, 4/2/2017

The Verse’s Sophie Baldock previews heavy metal Star Wars tribute band, Galactic Empire, ahead of their show at Patterns on the 4th February.

Galactic Empire, what an epic name indeed. This Star Wars inspired heavy metal band is due to invade Brighton at Patterns on February 4th to bring about a new sound to the well-known Star Wars soundtrack. Starting out their tour of evil at the beginning of February, the quintet are set to play in London, Southampton and Milton Keynes before gracing Brighton with their forces of evil.

It all began with the drummer, Boba Sett making an audio of himself playing the famous Imperial March on the drums a few years ago, before then in May 2015 editing the audio to add guitar and bass over the top; before he knew it he’d written a whole album. He contacted a few people, and began to form what we now know as Galactic Empire, with their first YouTube video coming out on Rise Records channel of them all performing the Imperial March in full costume, consisting of:

Boba Sett – Drums
Bass Commander – Bass
Dark Vader – Lead Guitar
Shadow Ranger – Guitar
Red Guard – Guitar

It’s taken them a year to create their first world dominating album, and it looks like it’s been worth the journey, with the album being released the summer of 2016, and the band later deciding to support their album by touring through the UK at the beginning of 2017.

Their show purely consists of an instrumental Star Wars heavy mental-infused soundtrack, embodied with a hypnotising light show and with them all dressed in full costume as they sweep through the nation, bringing the Dark Side with them wherever they go. I fully recommended checking out the video of them performing the Imperial March in costume, you can’t help but grin as the familiar childhood song of fear infused with heavy metal creates a new image of the worldwide sensation that is Star Wars. But as the band has said, they are all just huge fans really, and wanted to show their appreciation and enthusiasm for a franchise that they’ve grown up with, as well as creating their own twist for something they’re passionate about.

This upcoming show is sure to bring back childhood nostalgia, and make you want to rock out with the forces of evil – Brighton, the Dark Side is coming, all rebels beware!

Galactic Empire come to Brighton’s Patterns on the 4th February, tickets £11+b.f. here.

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