The Verse’s Sophie Wyatt interviewed twins Rob and Katy Pearson of Gloucestershire duo Ardyn ahead of their show at Green Door Store on the 17th November.

 Ok, so lets start at the beginning. How old roughly would you say you where when you first started to realise you wanted to make music?

Katy: I think from a young age we really enjoyed making music, but it was just fun. I think it wasn’t until we were about fifteen when we just sent a song to our local radio station, and they got back to us like “Do you wanna be in Battle of the Bands?”. And we were like “What? Oh, people actually think we’re good.” That’s when I really considered taking it seriously as a career.

And were there any artists or bands that really influenced you? Because I know your music is quite alternative.

K: Yeah, I think definitely Kate Bush, The Beatles. Quite a lot of classics really, like The Beach Boys, and then when I was about thirteen I got introduced to The Maccabees, so there’s quite a big mixture of old versus new.


How it is performing with a sibling?

Rob: Yeah, it’s fine most of the time, but I think… Of course we argue sometimes, it’s just that we’ve accepted that this is what we’re gonna do, so we’ve got to just take everything into account and just deal with it.

I heard that you performed at Latitude this year – how was that?

K: Amazing, I think it was one of the most nerve-wracking gigs, because the year before we worked at the bar at that stage, so it was a bit of a change of vibe – going from working there to suddenly being on stage. It was really fun though, it is a great festival. It was so hot though, like our tour manager was like “I’ve never seen you so red, ever.”

My favourite one of your songs was Help Me On My Way on the Universe EP, which one is your favourite?

K: Ahh, well thank you.

R: Um I’d probably say Universe.

K: Yeah I’d probably say the same actually.

So is that your favourite to perform as well?

K: Yeah I still really enjoy playing it. I think it’s got a lot more punch live, so I think it’s a really enjoyable one to do. Yeah definitely.

If you could collab with anyone who do you think it would be?

K: Ooh, well this year we’ve been quite lucky with collaborations and we’ve been doing some writing with Orlando Weeks from The Maccabees, so that was kind of one that was one that I would have loved to have done anyway. But also I think someone we haven’t collaborated with… Probably Kate Bush. Quite a lot to ask, I know, but we can always dream.

And is this the first time you’ve been to Brighton?

R: We’ve been once before, for The Great Escape festival

K: But this is the first headline show we’ve ever done in Brighton, and the first one we’ve played of all our own shows, so yeah, it’s exciting.

So what do you think of Brighton itself?

K: To be honest I haven’t really seen it. I mean, I’ve been once or twice but I’ve never really seen much of it really, but it’s lovely to be by the sea.

R: It’s got a really nice vibe.

Ok well that’s about it guys, thank you so much and have a good show!

K: And thank you.

The Verse Staff

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